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    20 July 2017, Volume 53 Issue 4
    Orginal Article
    Spatial-Temporal Patterns of Hourly Precipitation Concentration
    over Eastern and Central China
    Zhibo XU, Jun WANG, Hui ZENG
    2017, 53(4):  597-606.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2016.125
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    Hourly precipitation data of 1457 stations during 1980?2012 were used to investigate the spatial-temporal patterns of PCI (precipitation concentration index) from May to September over eastern and central China. The relationships between PCI and other precipitation variables based on different precipitation intensities or different precipitation durations were also analyzed to reveal the variables highly correlated with PCI. The result indicated that the values of PCI over eastern and central China ranged from 0.56 to 0.78 with evident regional variations. The values of PCI in southeastern China were higher than the values in northwestern China. There were three concentrations of high PCI value centers, i.e., Northeast China, North China, and Sichuan Basin. The variations of PCI were found in areas with great altitude difference. The linear trend analysis showed an increasing trend of PCI values over eastern and central China over the past 33 years. In addition, significantly positive correlation relationship between PCI and extreme precipitation was detected, and the correlation coefficient of the two variables increased with the decrease of the total precipitation amount.

    Application of Dynamic Downscaling Method for the Large Eddy Simulation in a Radiation Fog Case
    Jipei LIN, Qinghong ZHANG
    2017, 53(4):  607-616.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.011
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    The large eddy simulation (LES) has accurate calculation, but consumes a lot of computer resources. Based on the WRFV3.7 model with four to five nested domains, a radiation fog in North China is simulated through the dynamic downscaling method, to retain the advantages of the LES and reduce the computational time. The results show that, compared with LES scheme under the same horizontal grid resolution, dynamic downscaling method can predict formation of fog more successfully, and in addition, save 47.02% to 67.67% computational time. This study raise possibility for the LES scheme to be used in the operational forecast system in the future.

    Climatic Long Term Trend and Prediction of the Wind Energy Resource in the Gwadar Port
    Chongwei ZHENG, Yue GAO, Xuan CHEN
    2017, 53(4):  617-626.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.012
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    Based on the 36-year (1979-2014) ERA-Interim 10 m sea surface wind data from European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), the climatic long term trend of the wind energy resource of the Gwadar Port of Pakistan was analyzed. Using two linear regression and artificial neural network (ANN) techniques, the wind energy resource in the long term was predicted. The results show that wind energy in summer is richer than that in winter. The stability in summer is better than that in winter. For the past 36 years, the wind power density, occurrence of effective wind speed and energy level occurrence have significant annual decreasing trends, of -0.78 W/(m2 · a), -0.21%/a, -0.22%/a separately. These trends mainly exhibit in summer, while no significant variation in winter. The stability (coefficient of variation, monthly variability index and seasonal variability index) does not have a significant long term trend for the past 36 years. From the prediction value, the wind energy resource in 2015 is similar to the multi-year average value, while the wind energy resource in 2016 is richer than the multi-year average value. For the year 2015-2016, the prediction wind energy will be more unstable than the multi-year average status. The results can provide scientific reference for the 21st Maritime Silk Road construction, development of remote islands and ports in the China seas.

    Numerical Simulation of Impact of Urbanization on a Precipitation Process: A Case Study of Heavy Rainfall in Kunming
    Yijia ZHENG, Shuhua LIU, Ping HE, Yucong MIAO, Shu WANG
    2017, 53(4):  627-638.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2016.128
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    A rainstorm process over west of Kunming city during the night of May 24, 2012 is numerically simulated to study the effect of urbanization on the precipitation by using the weather research forecasting model (WRF) numerical model with single-layer urban canopy model. It is found that the precipitation process is well simulated by comparing the spatial distribution of precipitation between the satellite observation and simulated result. The presence of the city changes the latent heat and low level vertical motion over urban area significantly, resulting in slight reduction of the precipitation intensity in the precipitation center and enhancement of the downwind precipitation. The area where precipitation increases coincides with the area where water vapor flux convergence at 750 hPa increases. The reduction of precipitation in center may be due to restraint of the moisture supply in the lower atmosphere by urban underlying. While the increase of precipitation over downwind area may result from the relatively strong vertical motion which transports more water into upper atmosphere. If the urbanization continues expansion from its current level, not only the vertical motion and atmospheric instability but also the limiting of the moisture supply in the lower atmosphere will be enhanced. The combination of these two effects will enlarge the uncertainty of precipitation over downwind area.

    Numerical Study of Summertime Urban Heat Island in Dianzhong
    Yijia ZHENG, Shuhua LIU, Ping HE, Yucong MIAO, Shu WANG
    2017, 53(4):  639-651.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2016.127
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    In order to study the effect of urbanization and lakes on the urban heat island (UHI) effect of cities in Yunnan midland in summer, the weather research forecasting model (WRF) numerical model is used. The downwind urban heat island is found in these cities in the summer night. The expansion of city will expand the scope of the downwind urban heat island, but the intensity of the heat island would not be enhanced significantly. The presence of the city will change the surface roughness, resulting in the reduction of wind speed near the surface. In the daytime, lakes and the city influence surface wind speed by changing the local thermal difference. The existence of city increases the thermal difference between city and lake, which enhances both the lake-land breeze and the surface wind speed. The presence of city will reduce the supply of low-level moisture, but the impact of urban expansion on moisture is relatively small. In the early morning, the wet island exists in the city (humidity in city is slightly larger than the surrounding area), due to the convergence filled near surface. At other moments, the dry island exists in the city (humidity in city is smaller than the surrounding area), and has the downwind effect as well.

    Zircon U-Pb Ages and Geochemical Characteristics Study of Syenite
    from Weishan REE Deposit, Western Shandong
    Yuwei LIANG, Yong LAI, Hong HU, Feng ZHANG
    2017, 53(4):  652-666.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.010
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    In order to enhance the understanding of the stage of magmatism and the relationship between Weishan alkaline complex and REE mineralization, the zircon U-Pb age and geochemistry of Weishan alkaline complex are conducted. The geochemical result shows that syenite series has the same geochemical characteristics, proving that they are from the same resource, and the syenite belong to metaluminous and alkaline series. They have high ∑REE, and distinct fractionation between HREE and LREE, exhibiting depleted in HREE, Nb, Ta, Zr, but enriched in LREE, Rb, Ba, Sr, and have slight Eu abnormality, which is consistent with the characteristics of mantle-derived magmatic rocks. The element-geochemical features reflect that the magma comes from enriched mantle. LA-ICP-MS zircon U-Pb ages of the ore-bearing quartz syenite and the aegirine-augite syenite are separately 122.4±2.0 Ma (MSWD=5.2) and 130.1±1.4 Ma (MSWD=9), and the presence of 2536±6.1 Ma (MSWD=1.6) inherited zircon is also an evidence that crustal materials have been involved in the magmatism process. It is concluded that Weishan syenites had come into being in an extensional setting after the transformation of the tectonic regime in the NCC in the Mesozoic area, when a large-scale enriched mantle melted to cause the generation of alkaline magma and a massive upwelling of the mantle materials from the asthenosphere to form finally the REE deposit after the formation of the alkaline rock complex.

    Zircon Geochronology and Hf Isotopes of Daning and Chudong Intrusions, Guangxi Prvince
    Lishuang GUO, Xin LÜ, Zhenghua WANG, Zuoguo MAO, Jilin ZHANG, Yulin LIU, Xu CHEN
    2017, 53(4):  667-682.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.009
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    LA-ICP-MS zircon U-Pb dating for Daning pluton, dark inclusions and Chudong pluton yield the weighted mean 206Pb/238Pb ages of 441.1±3.0 Ma, 439.5±3.6 Ma and 423.5-434.2 Ma, respectively, revealing that Daning pluton and the dark inclusions were formed almost concurrently, while the Daning pluton was intruded by the Chudong pluton. In-situ zircon Lu-Hf isotopic analyses of Daning pluton, dark inclusions and Chudong pluton show same characteristics with negative εHf(t) values, plotted within the revolution areas of the 1440-1960 Ma old continental crust in the age vs. εHf(t) diagrams. The Hf isotopic characteristics indicate that the magmas could be derived from the partial melting of Early Proterozoic to Mesoproterozoic crust materials. The dark inclusions were produced by the fractional crystallization of parental magma. The Chudong pluton was the advanced stage product of the magma crystallization differentiation.

    Numerical Simulation of Stress Field Induced Groundwater Level Change in Confined Aquifer
    Yuqing XIE, Yonghong ZHAO
    2017, 53(4):  683-691.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.013
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    The aquifer can be treated as poroelastic media in current research. An ideal 2D confined aquifer model was founded to calculate the response of the groundwater level to the variation of stress field. Then the dissipation law of abnormity of groundwater level was discussed. A deconvolution method to invert stress-strain field from groundwater level data when considering the dissipation process was also discussed. Results from forward calculation and earth tide data of Huili Chuan-06 well were analyzed to confirm the deconvolution method. At last, the mechanism of co-seismic step variation in groundwater level was analyzed. It was concluded that a simple poroelastic model cannot explain the amplitude of variation.

    Impacts of Dramatic Land Use Change on the Near-Surface Air Temperature in Shenzhen
    Jinghui LIAN, Jun WANG, Hui ZENG
    2017, 53(4):  692-700.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.068
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    Based on the Landsat remote sensing images of 1986 and 2011, higher resolution terrain data and 2-D urban fraction values, the impact of land use and land cover change (LUCC) on the near-surface air temperature is investigated for Shenzhen by carrying out two sets of numerical experiments using the weather research and forecasting model (WRF) coupled with the Noah urban canopy model. Comparison with measured near-surface air temperatures of 40 ground-based atmospheric observatories in the region shows a good agreement between observed and simulated data for the simulation periods. The results indicate significant contributions of urban sprawl and accompanying LUCC to the near-surface air temperature. Simulations suggest that LUCC has caused average temperatures with an increase of up to 0.42°C in January and 0.91°C in July respectively. The conversion from natural vegetation covers into urban and built-up area results in a decrease in surface albedo and thereby enhances the surface net solar radiation and the sensible heat flux, which leads to the most obvious warming effect.

    A Study on Characteristic Changes and Causes of Pond Landscape Systems in the Process of Urbanization
    Zhifang WANG, Ganglu ZHU
    2017, 53(4):  701-709.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.060
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    The study analyzes changes in landscape characteristics of ponds in the Liangjiang New Area. The spatial and temporal changes of ponds were present by quantitative characteristics and spatial distribution characteristics using remote sensing images of 2000 and 2012. Landscape metrics of amount, surface area and density of ponds were calculated to analyze quantitative characteristic changes of ponds associated with increased urbanization. Landscape indices of fragmentation, resolution and connectedness were utilized to describe changes in spatial networks of ponds based on GIS, as well as the relationships between urbanization and them. PLANDS of buffer area around ponds were calculated to analyze changes of lands around ponds, which combined paddy, upland, grassland, woodland, water area and construction area. The results show that the number of ponds was significantly reduced from 1906 to 270 with a reduction rate of 85.8%, and the water surface area decreased from 175.9 to 59.2 hectare with a reduction rate of 66.3% during the 12 years. Increased urbanization is the main reason of the persistent decrease of ponds, especially the effect of roads, squares and lands to be built. Ponds would have a bigger chance to exist if they have a long distance from built-up areas in space distribution. The surface area of ponds existed are between 0.1 to 1 hectare. However, most of the ponds existed had low utilization value except the complete ponds in the residential land with ecological value. The results offer some suggestions for modern sponge city construction.

    Socio-economic Impact Assessment of Phasing out SCCPs in China
    Mengqi YU, Ziyuan WANG, Ying WANG, Chun XU, Jianbo ZHANG
    2017, 53(4):  710-714.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.063
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    The costs and benefits of phasing out short chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs) in China were analyzed under the 5-year and 10-year control scenarios by cost benefit analysis. The cost of phasing out SCCPs was 18.11 to 30.88 billion yuan, mainly from the substitution in downstream industries. The cost under the 5-year control scenario was less than the 10-year scenario. The benefit of phasing out SCCPs in China was 146.26 billion yuan. The 5-year control scenario was suggested for phasing out SCCPs.

    Research on Place Involvement in Wildlife Tourism: A Case Study of Dolphin Discovery Center in Bunbury, Australia
    Li CONG, Bihu WU, Yujun ZHANG, Newsome Daivd
    2017, 53(4):  715-721.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.064
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    Involvement is one of the important dimensions to understand tourists’ purchase decisions; hence the research on place involvement will help to understand the rule of the tourist behavior and revisit characteristics. This research aimed to analyze the place involvement of tourists in Dolphin Discovery Center (DDC) Bunbury, West Australia. K-Means clustering analysis method, variance analysis and Sheffe post-test were combined to examine the extent of place involvement for DDC and demographic differences. The main conclusions were as following: based on different place involvement degree, wildlife tourists were divided into deep place involvement, medium place involvement, and light place involvement; tourist involvement in the wildlife tourism place was deep for the overall sample; demographic characteristics, age and education degree had significant differences (p≤ 0.05), while gender, income and family had no significant difference; stay time, consumption in site, information sources and satisfaction had significant difference in place involvement (p ≤ 0.05). Additionally, the conclusions from this research can provide guidance and applicance to wildlife conservation, destination management and marketing.

    Cross-Nested Logit Model for the Joint Choice of Residential Location, Travel Mode, and Departure Time
    Liya YANG, Juan LI
    2017, 53(4):  722-730.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.066
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    This paper aims to describe the joint choice of trip chaining, travel mode, and departure time. First, based on random utility maximization theory, the innovative Cross-Nested Logit model and traditional NL model are formulated respectively. Travel time, travel cost, and factors depicting the individual and family socio-economic characteristics are defined as exogenous variables, and the model choice sets are the combination of trip chaining subset, departure time subset, and travel mode choice subset. Second, using Beijing traffic survey data of 2010, the model parameters are estimated, and the direct and cross elasticity are calculated to analyze the change of alternatives probability brought by factors variation. Estimation results show the Cross-Nested Logit model is more accurate statistically than any kind of NL model. Estimation results show that decision makers will change their departure time in the first place, followed by mode choice, and finally, trip chaining type, when exogenous variables alter. Moreover, elasticity analysis results reveal that car travelers of complex trip chaining are less sensitive to travel time and travel cost than car traveler of simple trip chaining.

    Landscape Ecological Risk Analysis for Jingzhou City Based on PSR Model and Projection Pursuit Method
    Jingjing CHEN, Tianhong LI
    2017, 53(4):  731-740.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.065
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    Based on pressure-state-response (PSR) model which was used to assess the landscape ecological risk and projection pursuit method, a landscape ecological risk assessment model was established for Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. The results showed that, Jingzhou City suffered increasing risk from 1995 to 2013 with landscape ecological risk index (LERI) from level I to level IV. Pressure index (PI) increased continuously, state index (SI) decreased, while response index (RI) increased gradually with the influence of economy and policy. The assessment results also showed that with the increasing pressure of society, the quality of landscape ecosystem decreased increasingly, but strengthening environmental protection measures could relieve the risk obviously, and made the risk to increase slowly.

    Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Land Use Pattern Based on
    Logistic Model: A Case Study of Yihe Town, Chongqing
    Xiao LI, Changchun FENG, Tianjiao LI, Wenhui ZHANG
    2017, 53(4):  741-748.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.069
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    Yihe Town, located in Fuling District, Chongqing, is taken as the research object, and Logistic regression model is applied to analysis the relationship between the land use pattern of cultivated land, garden land, forest land, transport land, waters and water conservancy facility land, urban village and industrial land and its influencing factors, which consists of the natural factors, economic factors and social factors. The results show that the natural factors of the town are the fundamental restrictive factors of land use patterns while the economic factors and social factors have a more and more significant impact. The regression coefficients of the nearest distance to the settlements, the river and the road are negative, which means that the land distributes near the location factors, and the effect of radius farming is significant in area with complicated geomorphology. The distance to the Lidu Industrial Park is not significant for all kinds of land use types, which means that the rapid development of the Lidu Industrial Park does not bring a big impact on the land use pattern of the town.

    Influence of Typical Anions on the Transport of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Iron Oxide-Coated Porous Media
    Xiaoting LUO, Dan WU, Jialiang LIANG, Meiping TONG
    2017, 53(4):  749-757.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.090
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    This study investigated the effects of typical anions such as Cl-, NO3-, SO42-, and PO43- on the transport and deposition behaviors of titanium dioxide nanoparticles (nTiO2) in iron oxide-coated sand under environmental related conditions (ionic strength and pH). In iron oxide-coated sand, the breakthrough curves and retained profiles of nTiO2 were equivalent in NaCl, NaNO3, and Na2SO4 solutions. However, under the same solution conditions (ionic strength and pH), the breakthrough curves of nTiO2 in the NaH2PO4 solution were higher yet the retained profiles were lower relative to other three solutions. The results indicated that under the examined solution conditions (pH and ionic strength), Cl-, NO3-, and SO42- had similar effects on the transport of nTiO2 in iron-coated sand, yet the presence of PO43- could facilitate the transport of nTiO2. The alteration of the surface properties of both nanoparticles and porous media, the change of particle sizes, as well as the competition of deposition sites on sand grain surfaces by PO43- ions contributed to the increased nTiO2 transport in iron oxide-coated sand in NaH2PO4 solutions.

    Effects of Storage Layer and Plant Selection on the Evapotranspiration of Green Roofs
    Yuenuan PENG, Huapeng QIN, Chuansheng WANG, Xueran LI
    2017, 53(4):  758-764.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.078
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    An experiment was conducted to study the effects of storage layer and plant selection on the evapotranspiration of green roofs quantitatively. By setting 4 pilot green roofs designed with different structures and different vegetation, the variation of evapotranspiration (ET), soil moisture content and the corresponding weather conditions were monitored and recorded. The results show that, for both of the green roofs vegetated with Sedum lineare and Callisia repens, the water evaporated from the storage layer plays the role in the recharge of the moisture content of the upper soil layer. In addition, it shows a positive correlation between the initial soil moisture content and daily evapotranspiration in varying degrees during drought periods. The setting of storage layer would increase the evapotranspiration of a green roof. However, the correlation level of the green roof vegetated with Sedum lineare is lower than that with Callisia repens, due to its complexity and particularity of the crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) mode, and the hourly evapotranspiration fluctuates greatly. Different from Callisia repens, the stomas would close when the solar radiation is very strong to reduce the amount of transpiration and retain water. It would provide a theoretical basis for the assessment of ecological benefits on evapotranspiration of green roofs.

    Effects of Warming and Altered Precipitation on Soil Physical Properties
    and Carbon Pools in a Tibetan Alpine Grassland
    Xinyu YANG, Li LIN, Ying LI, Jinsheng HE
    2017, 53(4):  765-774.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.086
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    The authors conducted experiments to simulate warming and alter precipitation since 2011, and investigated soil physical properties (soil particle size and pH) and carbon pools (soil total carbon (STC), soil organic carbon (SOC), soil extractable organic carbon (EOC) and microbial biomass carbon (MBC)) in July 2013. The results showed that warming significantly increased soil temperature and decreased soil moisture at the depths of 0-20 cm, and altered precipitation affected soil moisture at 0-20 cm depth, but had no influence on soil temperature. At the depth of 0-10 cm, warming significantly increased SMBC; increased precipitation significantly reduced EOC content and elevated MBC content; decreased precipitation significantly decreased soil sandy proportion, MBC content and increased soil clay proportion and EOC content. At the depth of 10-20 cm, increased precipitation led a reduction on EOC content. The interactions of warming and altered precipitation on soil indexes were not detected. The pattern of soil properties was changed mainly by altered precipitation, not warming, according to the results of PCA. The results suggest that given precipitation will be continuously increased in the future, increased precipitation may lead a reduction in soil clay proportion and EOC content in the topsoil, and subsequently affect plant primary production and micrbial communities in this region.

    Traffic Flow-Big Data Forecasting Method Based on Spatial-Temporal Weight Correlation
    Xin LI, Qing LUO, Deyou MENG
    2017, 53(4):  775-782.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2017.040
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    A distributed incremental aggregation method combined with traffic flow data cleansing rules is proposed, and it can provide more accurate and reliable data for traffic flow forecast analysis. Through the correlation analysis of traffic flow in road network, the authors used the multi-allocation of turning rate in the intersection to build the spatial weight matrix, and improved the STARIMA traffic flow forecasting model. The experiment result proves that this method can meet the needs of traffic flow big-data forecasting in the efficiency and accuracy, and provide the basis for the traffic routing information.

    Overview of Retrieval Algorithm of Cloud-Top Height Based on Satellite Infrared Remote Sensing
    Hongjie FAN, Yipeng HUANG, Wanbiao LI
    2017, 53(4):  783-792.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2016.126
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    According to recent years cloud top-height inversion algorithms using satellite visible and infrared remote sensing data, domestic and foreign algorithm research progress and problems are summarized. Through the analysis of large number of related literatures, the inversion algorithms of the infrared window methods and CO2 absorption technique are mainly introduced. On the basis of these algorithms, the current business algorithms in countries and regions are expressed. Then the advantages and disadvantages of these methods in application are reviewed, and the cloud top-height inversion solution for regions in China is present. In the future, the method of cloud top-height lookup tables based on infrared split-window is prospective. In application and research, lookup tables based on brightness temperature difference and 11 μm channel brightness temperature are constructed using split-window data of stationary satellite and cloud profile radar data of polar orbit satellite, and cloud top-height can be acquired by checking lookup tables by split-window brightness temperature difference and 11 μm channel brightness temperature in application.