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    20 May 2014, Volume 50 Issue 3
    Kinematical and Dynamical Simulation of Planar Multi-freedom Manipulators with Non-fixed Collision
    YAO Wenli,GAO Lulu,ZHANG Yingxue
    2014, 50(3):  397-402. 
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    Collision on multi-freedom planar manipulators is studied. According to the geometrical feature of the manipulators, the relatively simple method to test when and where the contact and impact occur is given, which can avoid the complicated iterative search process. The dynamics equations during collision and free flight phase are derived and the Newton coefficient of restitution is introduced to solve the problem of collision. The general calculating frame describing the whole motion including smooth collision is established. Numerical simulation implies that the proposed scheme is valid.
    Universal Mass-Velocity Relation and Special Relativity
    DAI Youshan,DAI Liang
    2014, 50(3):  403-410. 
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    Based on the principle of relativity and conservations of momentum and energy, the authors present a proof that the relativistic energy has to be proportional to the relativistic mass. The proof is new in that it is not built upon the assumption of constant speed of light, nor it requires any specific form of space-time transformation. A differential equation for the mass-velocity relation is derived and solved, from which an universal relativistic mass-velocity relation can be obtained and a speed limit vm automatically arises. The mass-velocity relation applies to tardyons which motion are slower than the speed limit and have a rest mass, to tachyons which motion are faster than the speed limit and do not have rest mass, and to constons which always travel at the speed limit and also do not have rest mass. Furthermore, the generalized Lorentz transformation for kinematics, as well as the mass-energy and energy-momentum relations for dynamics can be determined, and thus a more general theory of special relativity is developed. Such new theory of relativity holds consistently regardless of whether any tachyons or constons exist, or whether any superluminal phenomenon is observed. The value for the speed limit can be measured by experiments. In the case vm= c, the conventional relativity is recovered, and the constant speed of light becomes a corollary of the relativity theory.
    Construction of a Cellular AND Gate Using Riboswitch
    CHEN Mei,ZHANG Lu,XU Jin
    2014, 50(3):  411-415. 
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    A cellular AND logic gate was constructed in Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3) using Riboswitch. In this AND gate, arabinose as well as isopropyl-β-d-thiogalactoside (IPTG) were used as inputs, and yellow fluorescent protein (YFP) was used as output. Flow cytometry results show that the AND gate successfully realizes the AND logic. This AND gate uses the characteristic of BL21 (DE3) to reduce the load of genetic circuits. Besides, this AND gate can be reused.
    Community Structure of Birds at Yanyuan, Peking University
    WEN Cheng,HAN Dong,LI Sheng,SHEN Xiaoli,CHEN Wei,WANG Hao,ZHU Xiaojian,XIAO Lingyun,LIU Meiqi,Lü Zhi
    2014, 50(3):  416-428. 
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    From 2003 to 2012, 446 times of survey had been conducted on community structure of birds at Yanyuan, Peking University. 234 of them, on which 468 hours had been spent from 2010 to 2012, were weekly transact surveys, twice in spring and autumn while once in summer and winter. Up to 178 species, belonging to 102 genera of 37 families of 14 orders, had been recorded. Among them, there are 24 residents, 117 migrants, 24 summer visitors, 19 winter visitors and 1 vagrant. One of them is listed as the 1st class of China National Protected Wildlife, whilst 20 species as the 2nd class. 28 species of waterbirds were recorded. On different sub-regions of Yanyuan, the most species-poor one is Jingyuan, where only 28 species were recorded . The most species-rich one is Mingheyuan, where 109 species were recorded. The mosaic landscape of meandering swamps and mounds covered by semi-natural secondary forest in Mingheyuan and Jingchunyuan accommodates the richest bird community in Yanyuan. 73 species were restricted to these sites. The ratios of secondary forests and greenbelts in each sub-region are chief factors affecting the abundance of bird species.
    Influence of Stratospheric NAM Anomalies on the Ural Blocking High
    KONG Wenwen,HU Yongyun
    2014, 50(3):  445-455. 
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    Using the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis over the period of 1958?2010, composite analysis of the Ural Blocking High relative to positive and negative stratospheric NAM anomalies is carried out, respectively. It is found that during negative stratospheric NAM anomalies, the Ural Blocking High has higher frequencies of occurrence, longer life cycle, stronger amplitude, and has stronger influences on Northern China. E-P flux analysis demonstrates that during negative stratospheric NAM anomalies, the vertical component of E-P fluxes over Ural Mountain region is stronger than that during positive NAM anomalies, suggesting that stratospheric circulations during negative NAM anomalies prefers upward wave propagation. The results have important implications for medium-range forecasting of winter weather or short-term climate variability in Northern China.
    Geographic Patterns of Avian Species Richness in China and Their Environmental Factors
    LIU Che,ZHENG Chengyang,ZHANG Teng,ZENG Faxu,WANG Yiran
    2014, 50(3):  429-438. 
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    Based on published distribution data and environmental and geographical factors, the authors discussed the geographic patterns of species richness of Aves and its taxa in China. Results show that the avian species richness in China exhibited latitudinal gradients that decreased as latitude increased but the correlation was weak, which was proved by linear regression. The hotspots of species richness included Khingan Mountain Ranges, lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Wuyishan, Xishuangbanna, West Tianshan, Southeast Himalayas to Hengduan Mountains, etc. Low species richness territories included most areas of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, some areas on the south of the Yangtze River, etc. Several factors, including EVI, annual mean temperature and annual mean precipitation, with high Spearman Correlation demonstrated a complex multi-factor machanism determining the geographic patterns of species richness. According to factor analysis, the principal components included energy, elevation range, temperature evenness, and the distance to the nearest large waterbody.
    Design of Multi-well Based Single Cell Observation Chip and Its Application on Bacteria Antibiotic Property Study
    JIANG Xiangdan,OUYANG Qi,LUO Chunxiong
    2014, 50(3):  439-444. 
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    The authors introduced a multi-well based cell observation chip which combined the advantage of easy operation and dynamic observation of single cell. Parallel symmetrical structure unit, which consists of holes, cultivation chambers and barriers, is designed to track cell phenotype changes at single-cell level. Because of the hydrophilism and gas absorption property of the PDMS material after the plasma treatment, the Escherichia coli cells loaded into holes will be soon automatically inhaled into cultivation chambers. Long-term observation under different antibiotic environment and high-throughput parallel comparative study can be realized using only 10 μL liquid. The superiority of such microfluidic chip in realizing monolayer high-throughput parallel study and its convenience may provide many applications, including the antibiotic property study of E. coli and late-stage studies based on fluorescence-activated cell sorting.
    Air-Sea Interaction between Tropical Cyclone and Ocean Warm Core Ring
    LIU Xin,WEI Jun
    2014, 50(3):  456-466. 
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    The air-sea interaction between a tropical cyclone (TC) and an ocean warm core ring (WCR) is studied using a regional air-sea coupled model WRF-sbPOM (Weather Research and Forecasting-Stony Brook Parallel Ocean Model). A set of sensitivity experiments are carried out to examine the mutual response of the TC and the ocean without WCR and with a WCR placed on different locations alone the TC’s track. Model results reveal that the TC intensifies when it passes a WCR due to the fact that the sea surface temperature (SST) does not cool sharply because thick thermocline underneath the WCR suppresses the so-called negative feedback mechanism between the TC and the ocean. The degree of the TC intensification depends on the TC migration speed, TC strength, and the flow velocity of the WCR. The slow-moving TC intensifies sharply, while the fast-moving TC does not. Meanwhile, momentum is transferred from the TC to the ocean, interacting with WCR’s anticyclonic flow. The shape of the WCR evolves from circular to ellipse, with ocean heat content loss by 30% and kinetic energy loss by 60%.
    New Material of Nothosaurus yangjuanensis from the Middle Anisian (Middle Triassic) of Guizhou Province, Southwestern China
    YIN Chao,HAO Weicheng,SUN Zuoyu,SUN Yuanlin,JIANG Dayong
    2014, 50(3):  467-475. 
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    An almost complete Nothosaurus specimen is described in particular from the Upper Member of the Guanling Formation (Pelsonian, middle Anisian, Middle Triassic) of the Xinmin District, Panxian County, Guizhou Province, Southwestern China. The specimen provides new information on the postcranial osteology of the species. The diagnosed features of the species are revised by the following characters: four premaxillary fangs followed by one small conical premaxillary tooth and five to six small maxillary conical teeth followed by paired maxillary fangs, no posterior process in the interclavicle, four carpals, four sacral vertebrae and hyperphalangy in both manus and pes. In some aspects of its postcranial morphology, GMPKU-P-3014 appears to approach Lariosaurus more closely than Nothosaurus, such as no posterior process in the interclavicle, four carpals, four sacral vertebrae and hyperphalangy in both manus and pes, which provides the important characters to reevaluate the phylogenetic relationships of Nothosaurus and Lariosaurus within the Sauropterygia. GMPKU-P-3014, GMPKU-P-1080 and IVPP V 14294 are different from all other nominal species of Nothosaurus by their size, dentition and the skull future pattern. In addition they have the most similar shape and important proportions of the skull, as well as the same location and stratigraphic level. Thus, they are the same species and indicates that N. rostellatus is a junior synonym of N. yangjuanensis and should be abandoned.
    Biogenic Silica of Organic-Rich Shale in Sichuan Basin and Its Significance for Shale Gas
    WANG Shufang,ZOU Caineng,DONG Dazhong,WANG Yuman,HUANG Jinliang,GUO Zhaojie
    2014, 50(3):  476-486. 
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    Through analysis of shale petrology, TOC, major elements and physical mechanism, this paper studies on silicon genesis of upper Odorvision Wufeng Formation and lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation in Changning- Shuanghe profile of Sichuan Basin. The results indicate that up to 40%?62.7% SiO2 in lower part of the profile is excess. They are characterized by high SiO2, P2O5, Fe2O3 and low Al2O3, TiO2, FeO, MgO content. Al/(Fe+Al+Mn) varies between 0.67?0.71, and Si/(Si+Al+Fe) between 0.89?0.93. In Al-Fe-Mn diagram, they are in biogenic area. TOC of Wufeng Formation is 2%?7.55%, average 3.73% and 0.23%?8.36%, average 1.16% for Longmaxi Formation. Segment of TOC > 2% mainly concentrated in the lower part, with thickness of 21 m. TOC and siliceous content have good positive correlation. Under the microscope, there are a lot of microfossils, such as radiolarians, sponge spicules, indicating the biogenic silica. Biogenic silica indicates sedimentary environment of deep shelf and is conducive to the formation of natural fractures and fracturing treatment, which is of great significance for shale gas exploration and development.
    Quantifying the Distance Effect in Spatial Interactions
    LIU Yu,GONG Li,TONG Qingxi
    2014, 50(3):  526-534. 
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    Distance decay issue of spatial interactions in geography was described and analyzed, and a number of approaches were summarized to solve the gravity model. Firstly, many spatial interactions are governed by the distance decay effect, and the distance decay function quantitatively represents the distance effect. Among kinds of distance decay functions such as power law, exponential and other equations, the power law function reveals the inherent distance impacts behind spatial interactions so that the interaction formula becomes the gravity model, which is widely used in geography and regional economics. Secondly, the authors summarize some methods to quantify the distance decay function according to an interaction matrix and a distance matrix. The simulation results show that fitting the gravity model to estimate nodal attractions as well as the distance decay parameter is an appropriate way to apply the model.
    Seismic Attribute Recognition and Sedimentology Analyses of Slump Fan in Maoxing Region, Songliao Basin
    LIU Qiongyao,WU Chaodong,HU Tianyue,MO Wuling,ZHANG Shun,LIU Huaqing,SU Mingjun
    2014, 50(3):  487-496. 
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    By extracting different kinds of seismic attributes, the characteristics of these attributes were analyzed and 8 kinds of attributes that were sensitive to recognize the slump fan were obtained, including the average absolute amplitude attribute, the total absolute amplitude attribute, the maximum absolute amplitude attribute, the maximum trough amplitude attribute, the average energy attribute, the RMS amplitude attribute, the average reflect strength attribute and the arc length attribute, among which the maximum trough amplitude attribute was the best. Combined with the seismic and well profiles, the sedimentary characteristics and the spatial distribution laws of the slump fan of the member 2, 3 of Nenjiang Formation in Maoxing region were preliminarily revealed. The slump fan of Maoxing region is deposited on the front delta facies and has the provenance from the delta deposit which has a northeast direction. It can be distinguished into seven single fans and a single fan covers an area range of 2.8-7.0 km2.
    Sedimentary Characteristics and Identification of Muddy Deltaic in Nenjiang Formation of Songliao Basin
    WANG Luxin,WU Chaodong,MO Wuling,ZHANG Shun
    2014, 50(3):  497-506. 
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    The Member 2, 3 of Nenjiang Formation in Songliao Basin was studied based on core, log and seismic data. The lineups in seismic profile have the feature of low angle extension, continuous reflection and imbricates distribution, and have low angle progradation structure from east to west. Each sequence can distinguish 4?6 foreset beds, top laminated subject to certain erosion, and the continuity is relatively poor in muddy delta segment. Compared with sedimentary characteristics of the classic delta-mode, the muddy delta has low content of sandy-component than normal delta. The results show that the argillaceous sediment with a low-angle foreset structure has muddy deltaic deposition characteristics, which comes from highly suspension load deposit near the end of subaqueous channel system. The muddy deltaic depositional model of the Member 2, 3 of Nenjiang Formation was built.
    Hydrocarbon Migration Pathway and Charging Characterization of Yinan-2 Gas Reservoir in Kuqa Depression
    FAN Junjia,PAN Mao,ZHOU Haimin,LIU Shaobo,ZHUO Qingong,ZHENG Yongping
    2014, 50(3):  507-514. 
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    In order to reveal hydrocarbon migration pathway and charging history of Yinan-2 gas reservoir in Kuqa Depression, 26 sand samples from well Yinan-2 were tested by using of Quantitative fluorescence techniques and fluid inclusions observation method based on well log curves and comprehensive geological data analysis. It is indicated that the Yinan-2 gas reservoir experienced oil charging of early stage, oil leakage and gas charging in late stage. Early oil accumulation of Yinan-2 gas reservoir may come from Jurassic coal bearing formation and Triassic lacustrine mudstone formation according to the quantitative grain fluorescence responds of sandstone samples. Current natural gas accumulation was migrated vertically from deep part, and the area below 4750 m might be an extensive and continuous gas-bearing area based on the analysis of quantitative grain fluorescence on extracts of sandstone samples. Besides, total scanning fluorescence fingerprint indicates that the current natural gas accumulation is derived from Jurassic coal seams and Triassic lacustrine mudstone formation.
    Time Series Simulation, Analysis and Prediction of Vegetation FAPAR in Heihe Basin
    GAI Yingying,LIU Yuan,FAN Wenjie,XU Xiru
    2014, 50(3):  515-525. 
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    MODIS FAPAR products ranging from 2001 to 2010, which cover the whole basin of Heihe, were selected as the study objects. Combined with the land cover classification products in the same periods, MODIS FAPAR time series data of different species were decomposed into tendencies, cyclical fluctuations and residuals. Auto Regression models were then established for tendencies and cyclical fluctuations and Kalman filtering was used to remove the noises. At last, FAPAR time series with high quality were obtained. On this basis, the FAPAR variation differences of different vegetation types in upstream, midstream and downstream of Heihe Basin are analyzed. A region with different phase change characteristics was chosen to predict FAPAR value of each pixel at some point. Results show that FAPARs of different species own obvious seasonal variations. Because of different climates in different basins, FAPARs of same species also have slight differences. In addition, the proposed method can be used for different vegetation types and prediction results are quite similar to MODIS FAPAR values, with an error of about 3%.
    Effects of Ammonia Oxidizing Activity on Estrogen Biodegradation in Activated Sludge
    XU Shuo,ZHENG Maosheng,ZHOU Haixia,XU Nan
    2014, 50(3):  535-541. 
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    Nitrifier enriched culture (NEC) cultivated in laboratory and nitrifying activated sludge taken from STPs were used to biodegrade estrone (E1) and 17α-ethinylestradiol (EE2). The correlation between ammonia oxidation activity and estrogens biodegradation activity was investigated by varying initial ammonia concentration and inhibiting the activity of ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB) with allylthiourea. Estrogens biodegradation activity in NEC was significantly dependent on the activity of AOB, and the nitration of estrogens as well as biodegradation by heterotrophs was minimal. The co-metabolism of estrogens by AOB was identified. In NAS, estrogens biodegradation still happened with ATU inhibition, implying that AOB and heterotrophs cooperated to biodegrade E1 and EE2. However, the co-metabolism of estrogens by AOB remained the most efficient biodegradation pathway in NAS.
    Separation of Pb2+ and Zn2+ by Using Polymer-Enhanced Ultrafilation
    CAO Guangliang,LI Zhenshan,BAO Lichao
    2014, 50(3):  542-548. 
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    Polyelectrolyte-enhanced ultrafiltration (PEUF) was investigated to separate Pb2+ and Zn2+ from aqueous solutions by PMA as a chalenting agent. Effects of pH, concentrations of PMA and the added sault on seperation rate (Sr) was studied. Sr inceased gradually before the PMA concentration reached 200 mg/L, and then it decreased, the best Sr value is 54.47%. At pH between 2 to 6, Sr increased gradually with pH reached a maxium value, and then deceased, It was preferable for the selective separation to control pH=4, and the Sr value is 71.34% at this time. PMA and pH play important roles in competitive complexation between Pb2+ and Zn2+, the increased concentration of PMA and pH enhanced the competitive complexation, when PH reached to 5, PMA concentration is 200 mg/L, the competitive complexation of Zn2+ was lowest. The concentration of the added sault have an important infect on Sr. The experiment was performed at pH=4 and PMA=200 mg/L, controlled the concentration of Sodium sulphate from 0.01 to 0.08 mol/L,When the concentration of sodium sulphate is 0.06 mol/L, Sr reached the best. The addition of Na2SO4 weakened the competitive complexation effect of Zn2+.
    Research of Runoff’s Feature and Impact Factors in Multiple Dimensions Based on Wavelet Analysis: A Case Study on Tongtian River
    LIU Xiaotong,CAI Yunlong
    2014, 50(3):  549-556. 
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    The Tongtian River’s features were analyzed based on the runoff data from the Zhimendate hydrological station. By using the wavelet analysis and analyzing the parameters such as the real part, modular squaring and variance of the wavelet coefficients, the result shows that the runoff of Tongtian River has the main period of 27 years and 16 years, which decides the features of Tongtian River’s runoff in the long term. On the basis of the cross correlation between the runoff and the black spots, it draws a conclusion that solar activity and the river have the strong correlation at the 8-15 years scale and have the weak correlation at the 40 years.
    Characteristics of the Spatial Distributions of Ozone-Precursor Sensitivity Regimes in Summer over Beijing
    NIE Teng,LI Xuan,WANG Xuesong,SHAO Min,ZHANG Yuanhang
    2014, 50(3):  557-564. 
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    Models-3/CMAQ was applied to simulate the ozone-precursor sensitivity during June, July, and August, 2010 in Beijing. Frequencies of ozone-precursor sensitivity regimes were used to represent the characteristics of the spatial distributions of the regimes. Results showed that ozone formation was VOCs-sensitive in urban Beijing, and turned to be mixed sensitive and NOx-sensitive in suburban areas and more remote areas of Beijing. In urban Beijing, the number of days that a reduction of anthropogenic VOCs could reduce ozone efficiently accounted for about 50% of the whole summer; while in Changping, Yanqing and Huairou, the number of days that a reduction of anthropogenic NOx could reduce ozone efficiently accounted for 40%~50%. The situation that ozone gave little response to the reduction of both two precursors occurred in every district/county. The number of days in this situation accounted for more than 70% in eastern and southern districts/counties. The distributions of the sensitivity regimes of maximum 8-hour ozone concentration were similar to that of 1-hour ozone concentration.
    Impact of Typical Meteorological Conditions on the O3 and PM10 Pollution Episodes in the Pearl River Delta in Autumn
    ZHANG Haoyue,WANG Xuesong,LU Keding,ZHANG Yuanhang
    2014, 50(3):  565-576. 
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    The Community Multi-Scale Air Quality (CMAQ) modeling system was applied to simulate the meteorology field, O3 and PM10 in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region in the autumn of 2008, in order to elucidate the impact of the typical meteorological conditions on the O3 and PM10 pollution episodes. It was found that PRD pollution characteristics presents periodic variation affected by cold air processes in the autumn of 2008. In general, good air quality was presented when cold air passing through while serious pollution was took place before and after the cold air invasion. 1) Before the cold air invasion, when the weather system “cold front front part” was presented, the height of the mixing layer was often low due to a presence of temperature inversion. Therefore, the PM10 emitted or formed at night was continuously accumulated in the morning hours causing the air pollution in northern and central PRD; the afterwards transport of the O3 during daytime and PM10 during nighttime with northern wind would cause the air pollution in southern PRD. 2) Before the cold air invasion, when the weather system “high-pressured base” was presented, an inversion layer was built up to prevent vertical mixing; both O3 and PM10 was then mainly horizontally transported with northeasterly wind; consequently forming air pollution in southwestern PRD. 3) After the cold air invasion, under the control of a ridge high pressure type of weather condition, temperature inversion was built up near the surface and a stagnant condition was presented; thus, O3 and PM10 was trapped in the source regions such as western, northwestern and central PRD, resulted in serious local pollutions.
    Response of Broad-Leaved Korean Pine Forest Productivity of Mt. Changbai to Climate Change: An Analysis Based on BIOME-BGC Modeling
    WU Yulian,WANG Xiangping,LI Qiaoyan,SUN Yan
    2014, 50(3):  577-586. 
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    In order to understand the response of net primary production (NPP) of broad-leaved Korean pine forest in Changbai Mountain to climate change and elevated atmospheric CO2, the authors simulated NPP with parameterized BIOME-BGC model and then tested with field-measured NPP and enhanced vegetation index (EVI). The simulation results show that, the mean NPP of broad-leaved Korean pine forest in Changbai Mountain was 611.71 gC/(m2•a), ranging between 473.28 and 703.44 gC/(m2•a) in 1960-2011. The model-simulated NPPs were in accordance with field NPP observations, and the temporal dynamics of simulated NPP was also consistent with that of EVI, suggesting a successful modeling of NPP patterns by BIOME-BGC. Simulated results indicate that the NPP of Korean pine (PK) was limited by growing season precipitation, while the NPP of deciduous broad-leaf trees (DB) was controlled by temperature and precipitation together. The BIOME-BGC predicts that the NPP of broad-leaved Korean pine forest will increasing remarkably under a scenario of increasing temperature, precipitation and atmospheric CO2 simultaneously, and the NPP of PK and DB will increase 23.96% and 27.87% respectively. Increasing temperature (2℃) or precipitation (12%) alone can both lead to increasing NPP of PK and DB, and temperature had stronger effect than precipitation. However, doubled CO2 alone do not have significant effect in increasing NPP.
    Driving Factors of Household Adoption of Water Conservation Behaviors
    MU Quan,ZHANG Shiqiu,MA Xunzhou,WU Yulian,WANG Xiangping,LI Qiaoyan,SUN Yan
    2014, 50(3):  587-594. 
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    Using survey data of 5000 households from Beijing, the authors identify the driving factors of household adoption of three water conservation behaviors by estimating probit models of household’s probability to make such choices. The results indicate that both price and environmental attitudes are strong predictors of adoption of household conservation behaviors. It is find that environmental attitudes are especially vital factors of three conservation behaviors in magnitude, while the price only plays an important role in the improvement and adoption of water efficient equipments. In terms of policy, it is not always effective to regard price as the incentives for household water conservation. However, environmental attitudes should be given its credit in the water management policy design.