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Geophysical Method for Prediction of Weathering Crust of Carbonate Reservoirs

MO Wuling, WU Chaodong   

  1. School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:2005-12-29 Online:2006-11-20 Published:2006-11-20



  1. 北京大学地球与空间科学学院,北京,100871

Abstract: The weathering crust of carbonate is of big buried depth, anisotropy, serious heterogeneity and complicated reservoir forming condition. This study applies various techniques, including the comprehensive techniques for analysis of seismic attributes, the 3-D coherent analysis, the spectral decomposition technique, the 3-D visualized technique etc., to comprehensively analyze various seismic attributes of the weathering crust of carbonate and studied the method that is applied to predict the distributing law of the weathering crust of carbonate reservoirs in Tarim basin. This comprehensive method avoids the multi-explain resulted from applying single technique, promotes the precision in predicting similar oil and gas reservoirs, then reduces the drilling risk. This method is available and to a certain degree predicts the positive zones where the weathering crust of carbonate reservoirs form.

Key words: carbonate, weathering crust reservoir, tarim basin, reservoir prediction

摘要: 针对碳酸盐岩风化壳储层埋藏深、横向变化大、非均质性强、成藏条件复杂的特点,应用地震属性综合分析技术、三维地震相干体分析技术、频谱分解技术、三维可视化技术等多种技术,综合分析了塔里木盆地碳酸盐岩风化壳储层的各种地震属性特征,研究了一套预测碳酸盐岩风化壳储层分布规律的方法。该套综合分析方法避免了单项技术分析的多解性,可以提高同类油气藏储层预测的精度,从而降低钻探风险。这种方法是可行的,可以在一定程度上预测碳酸盐岩风化壳储层发育有利区域。

关键词: 碳酸盐岩, 风化壳储层, 塔里木盆地, 储层预测

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