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Discussion on Guizhouichthyosaurus tangae Cao and Luo in Yin et al., 2000 (Reptilia, Ichthyosauria) from the Late Triassic of Guanling County, Guizhou

PAN Xinru1, JIANG Dayong1, 3, SUN Zuoyu1, CAI Tao2, ZHANG Dapeng2, XIE Jialin2   

  • Received:2005-11-28 Online:2006-11-20 Published:2006-11-20

贵州关岭晚三叠世邓氏贵州鱼龙(Guizhouichthyosaurus tangae Cao and Luo in Yin et al., 2000)的讨论


Abstract: The Guanling Biota, stratigraphically from the basal Wayao Member of the Falang Formation (the Early Carnian: Late Triassic), is remarkable for its completely articulated and well preserved large ichthyosaur fossils. A precise description in detail of the large ichthyosaurs will be of great significance to the understanding of their taxonomic status, evolution and phylogenic history. So far, five taxonomic names have been erected and published for these large ichthyosaur, namely Guizhouichthyosaurus tangae, Typicusichthyosaurus tsaihuae, Guanlingsaurus liangae, Cymbospondylus asiaticus, and Panjiangsaurus epicharis. However, most of them still need to be re-studied and confirmed their taxonomic status. On the basis of the field investigation and the preparation, observation, comparison, the revised and amended diagnostic description on Guizhouichthyosaurus tangae is given, and Cymbospondylus asiaticus and Panjiangsaurus epicharis are the synonyms of Guizhouichthyosaurus tangae.

Key words: Ichthyosaurs, Late Triassic, Guanling County, Guizhou

摘要: 贵州省关岭县新铺地区晚三叠世法郎组瓦窑段下部的鱼龙标本保存完整、精美,对它们准确而详细的描述将对研究鱼龙类分类、演化和完善其演化谱系具有重要的意义。目前对其中大型鱼龙已有Guizhouichthyosaurus tangae、Typicusichthyosaurus tsaihuae、Guanlingsaurus liangae、Cymbospondylus asiaticus、Panjiangsaurus epicharis等5个命名。在野外调查、室内修理、观察、比较的基础上,补充、修正了Guizhouichthyosaurus tangae的描述,并认为Cymbospondylus asiaticusPanjiangsaurus epicharis应为Guizhouichthyosaurus tangae的同物异名。

关键词: 鱼龙, 晚三叠世, 关岭, 贵州

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