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RelativeAssessment of Green Space Ecosystem Service in Beijing Region

CUI Chaowei, XU Xuegong   

  1. College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Laboratory for Earth Surface Process of Ministry of Education, Peking University, Beijing 100871;
  • Received:2009-03-20 Online:2010-03-20 Published:2010-03-20



  1. 北京大学城市与环境学院,地表过程分析与模拟教育部重点实验室,北京100871;

Abstract: The authors bring forward the concept of ideal forest equivalent, and takes it as the reference to measure green space service value. Base on GIS, the authors conduct relative assessment of green space ecosystem service in Beijing region (excluding central urban district) by inputting a series of data, such as remote sensing information, DEM, land use map, statistics and climate data. The assessment results are as follows: 1) The eco-service function amounts of Beijing green space is 555234 ideal forest equivalents, which correspond to cover 36. 38% of ideal forest in area; 2) Among the green space types, forest has the largest proportion of service functions, which is followed by wetland, garden and farmland; but the order of unit green space service functions are (from maj or to minor) : wetland, forest, garden, grass land, farmland and barren land; 3) Among the service functions, modulation is more than supply and culture service; 4) In view of the function distribution, from the urban function extended district, via the new districts of urban development, to the ecological preservation districts, the comprehensive evaluation value are gradually increased; 5) Compared to the ideal state, there are still more potential to improve and rise green space service functions in Beijing region. Finally, this paper put forward relevant countermeasures for ecosystem construction.

Key words: green space, ecosystem service, ideal forest equivalent, relative assessment, Beijing region

摘要: 提出理想林地当量的概念, 并以此为参照, 结合千年生态系统评估的生态服务功能框架, 运用遥感信息等数据, 基于 GIS 平台, 对北京市域( 不含中心城区) 绿色空间的生态服务功能进行了评估。评估结果是以理想林地当量为单位的相对值。评估结果显示: 北京市域绿色空间服务功能的总量相当于覆盖了 36. 38% 面积的理想林地。从生态系统类型看, 林地在生态服务功能总量中所占的比重最大, 其次是湿地、园地、耕地; 而单位面积生态服务功能的排序是: 湿地、林地、园地、草地、耕地、荒地。各类生态服务功能中, 调节服务所占比重最大; 在空间分布上, 从城市功能拓展区、城市发展新区到生态涵养发展区绿色空间的生态服务功能总量呈梯级增加, 优势结构有所不同。与理想状态相比, 各类绿色空间的服务功能具有较大的改善和提升潜力。最后, 提出了生态建设的相应对策。

关键词: 绿色空间, 生态服务功能, 理想林地当量, 相对评估, 北京市域

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