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A Numerical Method for the Contact? Impact Problems of Soil

YANG Lei1, MA Wei1, YANJun1, QU Guangji1, LIU Caishan2   

  1. 1. China Academy of Space Technology, Beijing 100086; 2.Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering, Peking University, Beijing 100871;
  • Received:2008-11-19



  1. 1. 中国空间技术研究院总体设计部, 北京100086; 2.北京大学工学院力学与空天技术系, 北京100871;

Abstract: The authors model soil as an ideal elastic-plastic material, and adopt Drucker-Prager yield criterion to develop a numerical method for solving the contact? impact problems of soil. The relationships between the indentation of the rigid body and the stresses in the normal and tangential directions are established for each discrete element. The numerical results for three kinds of examples agree well with experimental ones. Thus, the method developed is verified.

Key words: soil, contact impact, numerical method, experiments

摘要: 基于土壤材料的理想弹塑性模型, 利用Drucker-Prager强度准则, 分别建立土壤法向和切向承载强度与压入量之间的等效关系。通过离散土壤地表外貌形成具有接触力节点单元的土壤力学模型, 分析土壤接触碰撞问题。数值计算结果与相关文献的实验结果相吻合, 验证了方法的有效性。

关键词: 土壤, 接触碰撞, 离散节点法, 实验

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