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Assessment of Tourism Resources in the Rutog Area of Tibet:
Based on an Analytic Hierarchy Process

WANG Jihua, GUO Huaicheng, Richard Dawson, WANG Lijing   

  1. College for Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:2003-01-06 Online:2004-03-20 Published:2004-03-20


王吉华, 郭怀成, Richard Dawson, 王丽婧   

  1. 北京大学环境学院,北京,100871

Abstract: The assessment of tourism resources can provide both a better understanding of issues as well as suggesting options for further effective and scientific exploitation. An analytic hierarchy process (AHP) approach is described and applied to an assessment of tourism resources in the Rutog Area of Tibet, China. Based on the comprehensive analysis of the Rutog Area, an assessment model tree was designed to assess the relative importance of factors from an AHP perspective. Following consistency validation, the relative importance of each factor was calculated and a fuzzy score assigned. The fuzzy score was then combined with importance order to analyze tour quality, key factors, and tour potential. Subsequently, the results and analysis provide a better insight into contributing issues as well as suggestions for future exploitation in the area.

Key words: tourism resources, assessment, analytic hierarchy process (AHP), Tibet

摘要: 旅游资源评价是科学开发旅游资源的基础。以西藏日土地区为例,运用层次分析法对其旅游资源进行评价,在系统分析基础上建立综合评价模型,经一致性检验后计算各因子的相对权值并模糊打分。结合权值结果和得分,分析了旅游品质、主次因子和旅游潜力。评价结果表明,日土地区旅游品质较高,在生态容量和环境容量框架内系统有序地开发当地旅游资源现实可行。为进一步开发日土地区旅游资源提供了可行性论证和参考措施。

关键词: 旅游资源, 评价, 层次分析法(AHP), 西藏

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