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Regional Forest Ecosystem Services Assessment: A Case Study of Shandong Province

DUAN Xiaofeng, XU Xuegong   

  1. College of Environmental Sciences, Peking University & Laboratory for Earth Surface Processes, Ministry of Education, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:2005-12-26 Online:2006-11-20 Published:2006-11-20



  1. 北京大学环境学院,地表过程分析与模拟教育部重点实验室,北京,100871

Abstract: Forest ecosystem plays an important role in supplying and maintaining ecosystem services in the situation of rapid economic development in Shandong province. Forest ecosystem services are divided into four facets: production, recreation, air quality improvement and water-soil conservation. Forest ecosystem services' values of the different counties are accounted by using the eco-economy evaluation methods. Based on the forest ecosystem services' values and mechanism analysis, an integrated assessment index system was established, which consisted of six indexes. The integrated assessment index system described the services at three aspects such as structure, density, and quality. By using the Polygon Synthesis Indicator method, each country got an score of integrated assessment. As a result, only 0.39 percent of the total area in Shandong province scores from 0.75 to 1 (gradeⅠ), 2.37 percent scores from 0.5 to 0.75 (gradeⅡ), 41.65 percent scores from 0.25 to 0.5 (grade Ⅲ), and 55.59 percent scores from 0 to 0.25 (grade Ⅳ). The results indicate that the forest ecosystem services of most countries in Shandong province is poor. According to the integrated assessment, some advices are proposed.

Key words: forest ecosystem services, assessment, polygon synthesis indicator method, Shandong province

摘要: 生态退化、环境破坏是区域可持续发展的重要制约因素,山东省作为我国经济增长 最快的省份之一,森林生态系统在维护环境和提供生态服务方面发挥着尤为重要的作用。作 者采用市场价值、替代工程等方法基于县域尺度对山东省各地区森林生态系统的生产、游憩 、改善大气环境、水土保持等服务功能进行价值评估,在游憩功能评价中从与以往不同的角 度建立了新的价值评估指标。在森林生态系统服务功能价值计算的基础上,从结构、密度、 质量3方面建立了6项评价指标,采用多边形综合指标法对山东省各地区森林生态系统服务功 能进行综合评价与分级,在此基础上,针对不同地区提出了相应的措施与建议。

关键词: 森林生态系统服务功能, 评价, 多边形综合指标法, 山东省

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