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Design and Application of On-line Atmospheric Mercury Analyzer

YU Zhongying, ZENG Limin, ZHANG Yuanhang   

  1. State Key Joint Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control, College of Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:2006-01-18 Online:2006-11-20 Published:2006-11-20



  1. 北京大学环境模拟与污染控制国家重点联合实验室,北京,100871

Abstract: Based on the method of gold amalgamation and CVAFS, the authors designed an instrument for continuously measuring total gaseous mercury in ambient air. The instrument operates with purified ambient air as carrier gas and does not require Argon or Nitrogen for detection. The sampling is run at about 1L/min, with sampling times of 10 min. Under these conditions, a detection limit of about 0.2ng/m3 is achieved. It has been showed that the relative standard deviations for 0.1 ng mercury vapor samples is less than 1.4%, and the linearity of calibration curve is quite well with the correlation coefficient of 0.9995. The instrument was used to continuously measure total gaseous mercury in the atmosphere at Peking University for about three weeks, observing an average concentration of TGM about 7.8ng/m3.

Key words: total gaseous mercury, gold amalgamation, cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrometry, mercury analyzer

摘要: 作者基于金汞齐冷原子荧光光谱法,自行开发用于分析环境空气中气态总汞(TGM)的在线监测仪器。该仪器操作时以净化后的环境空气作为载气,无需氩气或氮气。经测试:当采样流量为1L/min,采样时间为10min时,检测限能达到0.2ng/m3;0.1ng汞蒸气连续测定结果表明其相对标准偏差<1.4%;工作曲线线性良好,r=0.9995。运用该仪器,在北京大学对TGM进行了为期3周的连续观测,得到TGM平均浓度为7.8ng/m3

关键词: 气态总汞, 金汞齐, 冷原子荧光法, 测汞仪

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