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Recognition and Classification of Emotions in the Chinese Microblog Based on Emotional Factor

ZHANG Jing, ZHU Bo, LIANG Linlin, HOU Min, TENG Yonglin   

  1. Broadcast Media Language Branch, National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center, Communication University of China, Beijing 100024;
  • Received:2013-07-05 Online:2014-01-20 Published:2014-01-20



  1. 中国传媒大学国家语言资源监测与研究有声媒体中心, 北京 100024;

Abstract: Based on basic emotional words and phrases, an emotional dictionary was bulit. According to the special expressions of emotions and functions of punctuations and emoticons in the emotional analysis, a set of emotional rules were set up. The authors recognized and classified the emotions in microblogs according to the algorithm based on the emotional rules and dictionary, and achieved preferable result in the task of emotional analysis of Chinese microblogs in the 2nd Conference on NLP&CC hosted by CCF in 2013. Experiment results show that this algorithm can work effectively.

Key words: emotional factor, emotional dictionary, emotional rules, emotional computing

摘要: 以情绪因子中的常用情绪词和情绪短语为基础构建情绪词典, 并针对特殊的情绪表达形式, 结合标点符号和表情符号在情绪分析中的功能, 建立情绪规则库。通过对情绪词典和情绪规则的匹配和计算, 实现对中文微博情绪的识别和分类, 并在2013年CCF第二届自然语言处理与中文计算会议中文微博情绪分析评测中取得较好成绩。测试结果证明该方法有效。

关键词: 情绪因子, 情绪词典, 情绪规则, 情绪计算

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