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Removal of Lead from the Simulated MSW Incineration Flue Gas by Sulfur-Impregnated Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF/S)

MIN Yutao, YUAN Li, LIU Yangsheng   

  1. College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University, Beijing Key Laboratory for Municipal Solid Waste Utilization and Management, Beijing 100871;
  • Received:2012-01-13 Online:2012-11-20 Published:2012-11-20



  1. 北京大学环境科学与工程学院, 城市固体废物资源化技术与管理北京市重点实验室, 北京 100871;

Abstract: The removal efficiency of Pb by activated carbon filters (ACF) modified by sulfur (ACF/S) was investigated. Two parameters (mass fractions of sulfur and atmosphere of simulated flue gas) were examined for their effects on the removal efficiencies. SEM (scanning electron microscopy) and FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) were used to investigate the mechanism of Pb captured by ACF/S. SEM images indicate that a large quantity of the sulfur is distributed onto the surface of ACF, and aggregation is present. Experimental results show that, the sulfur significantly enhance the ACF performance for Pb removal in different atmosphere of the simulated MSW flue gas (HCl, SO2, HCl+SO2) with efficiencies higher than 65% for particulate lead and 80% for volatile lead. In conclusion, ACF/S is a promising material for Pb removal from flue gas.

Key words: MSW incineration, simulated incineration flue gas, activated carbon fiber (ACF), lead, sulfur

摘要: 在不同浓度的硫溶液中, 通过化学浸渍方法将单质硫负载到活性炭纤维(ACF)表面, 得到活性炭纤维负载硫(ACF/S)材料。在不同气氛下(HCl, SO2, HCl+SO2)的垃圾焚烧模拟烟气中, 以ACF/S对烟气铅进行吸收实验, 采用扫描电子显微镜(SEM)和傅里叶变换红外光谱(FTIR)分析研究其对铅的去除机理。结果表明, ACF/S中的单质硫大多富集在ACF表面, 对ACF比表面积影响不大, 但明显提高了ACF对铅的去除效果。此外, 在不同的烟气氛围(HCl, SO2, HCl+SO2)中, ACF/S均对烟气铅均有较好的捕集效果, 对颗粒铅捕集率均达到65%以上, 对气态铅均达到80%以上。因此, 利用硫改性活性炭纤维提高焚烧烟气中的铅的捕集率是可行的。

关键词: 垃圾焚烧, 模拟烟气, 活性炭纤维(ACF), 铅,

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