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Surface Air Temperature Changes of Different Land Cover Types in China during 1979-2007

LI Yan, ZHAO Xinyi   

  1. College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Laboratory for Earth Surface Processes MOE, Peking University, Beijing 100871;
  • Received:2010-12-08 Online:2011-11-20 Published:2011-11-20



  1. 北京大学城市与环境学院, 地表过程分析与模拟教育部重点实验室, 北京 100871;

Abstract: The surface air temperature changes of different land cover types in China were investigated by using observation minus reanalysis (OMR) method. The OMR trends for the 1979?2007 period were estimated from NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis 1 and surface observation temperature monthly data, which showed that China had an overall OMR warming trend of 0.18℃/10a. The OMR trends with respect to different land cover types were analyzed based on AVHRR land cover classification data. The results show that the sensitivity of surface air temperature to different land cover types is different. Most of the land types show positive OMR trends, while forests show negative trends. OMR results with land type under different thresholds are quite similar, which indicates the robustness of this method.

Key words: temperature change, observation minus reanalysis, land cover, sensitivity

摘要: 利用气象观测减再分析资料方法(OMR)研究了中国不同土地覆被的地表气温变化。使用1979?2007年的地面观测气温和NCEP/NCAR R1再分析地表气温月数据, 计算了OMR趋势, 得到中国OMR气温趋势为+0.18℃/10a。采用AVHRR全球土地覆被分类数据统计中国不同土地覆被的OMR气温趋势。结果表明地表气温变化对不同土地覆被的敏感性存在差异。大部分土地覆被类型OMR趋势为正, 森林覆被型为负。不同土地网格阈值下的OMR结果相差不大, 说明这种方法的可靠性。

关键词: 气温变化, 观测减再分析方法, 土地覆被, 敏感性

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