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A Study on the Dry Intrusion of Air Flows from the Lower Stratosphere in a Cyclone Development

ZHANG Wei1, TAO Zuyu2, HU Yongyun2, WANG Hongqing2, HUANG Wei2   

  • Received:2004-10-08 Online:2006-01-20 Published:2006-01-20



Abstract: The developing process of a cyclone over the Yellow Sea is simulated with the numerical model MM5. The model output are demonstrated using visual software, LiveView, which is a five dimension visualization system for large data sets. Using this visual system, the authors are able to study the dry intrusion of air flows from the lower stratosphere and to analyze the reason of its occurrence and its effects on such a fast developing cyclone in detail. Horizontal and vertical cross sections are presented to reveal the thermal and kinetic structures of the dry intrusion. Air parcel motions during the dry intrusion are extensively studied with the technique of trajectory analysis. The mechanism of the occurrence of the dry intrusion and its connection with the cyclone development are discussed. The results suggest that dry intrusion is an important factor in influencing on this cyclone development.

Key words: cyclone, dry intrusion, numerical simulation, visualization

摘要: 以一次黄海气旋发展过程作为研究对象,利用MM5数值模式对此个例数值模拟结果,使用五维大型可视化系统LiveView这一新的可视化手段,力图较详细的揭示此事件中发生的平流层空气干侵入现象,探讨其发生原因及在这次气旋快速发展中所起的作用。文中给出“干侵入”的各种水平剖面和垂直剖面以揭示其三维的热力学和动力学结构。并采用轨迹分析方法,较完整地揭示了“干侵入”过程中空气块的运动。探讨了发生“干侵入”的机制和它与气旋发展之间的关系。结果表明,干侵入是影响气旋发展的重要因素之一。

关键词: 气旋发展, 干侵入, 数值模拟, 可视化

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