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Effects of the Suspended Sediment on the Water Quality in the Yellow River

CHEN Jingsheng, YU Tao   

  • Received:2004-12-13 Online:2005-11-20 Published:2005-11-20



Abstract: The Yellow River is unique for its excessive suspended sediment of the world rivers. The interaction between sediment and water produces significant influences on the water quality in the Yllow River. On the basis of previous studies, the paper presents a comprehensive review and summary on the influence of sediment to water quality in the Yellow River, highlighting four issues: 1) the influence of the sediment on pollutant behavier, 2) the relationship between sediment-associated natural organic matter and water quality parameters of oxygen-consuming organic pollutants and its influence on the assessment of the water quality in the Yellow River, 3) the relationship between the heavy metal background values of the sediment and the water quality parameters of the heavy metals and its influence on the assessment of the pollution of the Yellow River, 4) the influence of sedimentcontaining much carbonates in the Yellow River on the water quality and the monitoring of the water quality.

Key words: Yellow River, sediment, water pollution, interactions between sediments and water

摘要: 黄河是世界上罕见的多泥沙河流,泥沙与水相互作用对黄河水质产生显著影响。根据以往研究工作,对黄河泥沙与水质的关系问题作全面的总结评述和展望,着重于4个问题:(1)黄河泥沙对污染物行为的影响;(2)黄河泥沙中的天然有机质与黄河耗氧有机物水质参数的关系和对污染评价的影响;(3)黄河泥沙中的本底量重金属与黄河重金属水质参数的关系和对污染评价的影响;(4)黄河泥沙中的碳酸盐对水质和对水质监测研究的影响。

关键词: 黄河, 泥沙, 水污染, 泥沙与水相互作用

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