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Chinese Associations about Mother Differ from those of American: Evidence from the Scope Hypothesis


  • Received:2004-12-24 Online:2005-11-20 Published:2005-11-20



Abstract: Two experiments were conducted to investigate the scope hypothesis. Every trial included an initial task in which participants were asked to describe or define an adjective trait and a target task, in which they were asked to retrieve from memory a specific episode consistent or inconsistent with the initial traits. A 9-point scale was used to identify the descriptive degree for the initial traits. The results show that when self as the target, the trait summary exists in whichever descriptive degree and therefore activates the inconsistent episodic memory. The results are very similar to that of Klein et al. with American participants. However, when mother as the target, the trait summery can also activate the inconsistent episodic memory on high, medial or low descriptive degrees, which is different to American results. From the angle of scope hypothesis, this study verifies that to Chinese, the role of mother is similar to the role of self on the memory level, which suggests that Chinese self-schema may include mother.

Key words: scope hypothesis, self schema, trait summary

摘要: 两个实验分别从自我和母亲的角度考察了范围假设。每个实验单元包括起始任务和目标任务,起始任务要求被试对人格特质进行描述或定义,目标任务要求被试回忆一件与起始任务中的特质一致或不一致的情节,然后进行针对起始任务特质描述等级的判断。结果发现,当参照条件为自我时,无论特质的描述程度如何,特质概要都存在,并启动了不一致的情节记忆,该结果与Klein等人有关美国被试的结果类似;当参照条件为母亲时,中国被试在高、中、低描述程度下依然存在稳定的特质概要并启动了不一致的情节记忆,这一结果与美国被试的结果有所不同。该实验从范围假设的角度证实了中国人记忆中母亲的角色类似于自我的角色,并暗示中国人的自我图式可能包含母亲。

关键词: 范围假设, 自我图式, 特质概要

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