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Characteristics of Micro-Meteorology in the Surface Layer over Tibetan Plateau Area

PENG Yan1, 3,   

  • Received:2004-02-25 Online:2005-03-20 Published:2005-03-20



Abstract: Through the meteorological data obtained in Gerze, Damxung and Qamdo sites over Tibetan Plateau area during the IOP (intensive observation period) of TIPEX (the second Tibetan Plateau Experiment) from May to July, the characteristics of the diurnal variations and the vertical profiles of the wind speed, temperature and humidity are investigated. The aerodynamics parameter and the characteristics of the land surface temperature over the Tibetan Plateau area are showed. The moisture inversion phenomena and the characteristics of the turbulence flux in the surface layer are also discussed.

Key words: diurnal variation of meteorology, flux-gradient relationship, Tibetan Plateau, surface layer

摘要: 利用第2次青藏高原气象科学实验(TIPEX)1998年5—7月改则、当雄和昌都3个大气边界层加强观测站获取的近地面层观测资料,分析了青藏高原西部、中部和东部地区近地面层风速、温度和湿度的日变化特征及其廓线规律,给出了青藏高原地区地表空气动力学参数和地表温度变化规律,讨论了高原近地面层湍流通量特征及逆湿现象。

关键词: 气象要素日变化, 通量-廓线关系, 青藏高原, 近地面层

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