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The Study of Ionospheric TEC during the Flare on Nov 22, 1998 by Means of 4 GPS Receivers over China

ZHANG Donghe, XIAO Zuo   

  1. Department of Geophysics, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1999-07-08 Online:2000-05-20 Published:2000-05-20



  1. 北京大学地球物理系空间物理专业,北京,100871

Abstract: By means of 4 dual-frequency GPS receivers over china, the TEC in the ionosphere during solar flare on Nov 22, 1998 is calculated. The results indicate that the flare, the X-ray level of which is X3.7, cause obvious TEC enhancements in the ionosphere, the largest TEC enhancement caused by the flare is about 1.25 TECU. The characteristic of this method to study such ionospheric disturbances caused by flares is analyzed. It is concluded that this method can be used to study the ionosphere disturbances caused by solar flare, and can get more ionospheric disturbances information because of the special satellite constellation.

Key words: GPS, TEC, flare, subionosphere point

摘要: 利用GPS伪距+载波相位联合数据处理方法具体分析了1998-11-22耀斑爆发期间北京、上海、武汉、西安GPS观测数据得到的电离层TEC。此次耀斑爆发引起了设在北京的高频多普勒长达15min左右的无线电短波中断。通过对GPS得到的电离层TEC进行分析发现: 此次耀斑造成了大面积的电离层TEC的增加,耀斑爆发引起的最大TEC增幅在1.25个TEC单位左右;利用高精度的GPS数据处理方法可研究耀斑引起的电离层扰动。另外,还分析了由GPS计算的TEC的时空变化特点。

关键词: GPS, TEC, 耀斑, 星下点

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