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A Study on the Development of the Anther and the Male Gametophyte in Cimicifuga simplex Wormsk

LI Ming1, CHEN Xiaolin1, YOU Ruilin2   

  • Received:1998-12-09 Online:2000-03-20 Published:2000-03-20


李铭1, 陈晓麟1, 尤瑞麟2   

  1. 1重庆教育学院生物系,重庆,400067;

Abstract: For the approach to the relations between the endangered situation and their sexual reproductive processes in Cimicifuga nanchuanensis, some comparative studies were made in C.simplex, a close and widespread species. The present paper deals with the microsporogenesis and the development of its male gametophytes and the anther wall. The anther possesses four microsparangia with its wall composed of four layers: epidermis, endothecium, middle layers and a 2-nucleate celled tapetum. Most of the antheral tapetum are in situ disintegrated. However, it is found that in about 12% of the locules, tapetual periplasmodia move into anther cavities forming so-called amoeboid tapetum when the microspore tetrads are released. The cytokinesis of microspore mother cells and wall formation is of simultaneous type and the tetrahedral microspore tetrads are formed. The mature pollen grains are 2-celled.

Key words: Cimicifaga simplex Wormsk, tapetum, microsporogenesis, male gametophyte development

摘要: 为了探讨南川升麻(Cimicifuga nanchuanensis)濒危与其生殖过程的联系。对广布近缘种单穗升麻(C.simplex)进行了部分对照研究。论述单穗升麻的小孢子发生和雄配子体发育以及花药壁的发育。单穗升麻的花药具4个小孢子囊(药室),囊壁(花药壁)由表皮、药室内壁、中层和绒毡层组成。绒毡层细胞在发育后期由单核分裂为2核,多原位解体,为腺质型;但大约有12%小孢子囊的绒毡层在小孢子四分体释放时期进入花药室内,成为变形绒毡层。小孢子母细胞在减数分裂过程中胞质分裂为同时型,小孢子四分体为四面体型,成熟花粉为2胞型。

关键词: 单穗升麻, 绒毡层, 小孢子发生, 雄配子体发育

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