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Analysis of the Mouse Nodal Gene Promoter on Its 5' Flanking Sequence

HU Xinli, ZHOU Xunlei   

  1. College of Life Sciences. Department of Cell Biology and Genetics. Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1998-11-13 Online:2000-03-20 Published:2000-03-20


胡新立, 周迅蕾   

  1. 北京大学生命科学学院,北京,100871

Abstract: Nodal gene is critical to mouse development. It plays a vital role in the mesoderm formation and also has a biological function during mouse embryo pattern formation. To determine the basal promoter, the 5' flanking sequence of Nodal gene were truncated and inserted into the luciferase reported vector. These constructs were transiently transfected into F9 cells and the luciferase activity of each construct was determined. The basal promoter was located at about 60bp up stream of the transcription initiation site. It contains a TATA box at -33bp which is required for the transcription initiation. This basal promoter is active in many cell types, but its activity is not very strong.

Key words: Nodal gene, expression regulation, promoter

摘要: 为了鉴定Nodal基因的基本启动子元件,将Nodal基因5'侧翼序列的各缺失片段构建以荧光素酶为报告基因的重组质粒。用这些携带报告基因的质粒转化F9细胞并测定了它们的瞬时表达荧光素酶活性。Nodal基因的基本启动子元件位于转录起始位点上游约60bp,其中含有一个位于-33bp处的TATAbox,它对于转录起始起着重要作用。这个基本启动子在多种细胞类型中都有活性,但其活性不强。

关键词: Nodal基因, 表达调控, 启动子

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