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State-to-state Dielectronic Recombination for Highly Charged Li-Like Ions (Z=72~76)

YE Anpei1, MA Meizhong2   

  1. 1Department of Electronics, Peking University, Beijing, 100871; 2Department of physics, Yantai Normal college, Yantai, 264025
  • Received:1996-10-25 Online:1997-09-20 Published:1997-09-20


叶安培1, 马美仲2   

  1. 1北京大学电子学系,北京,100871; 2烟台师范学院物理系,烟台,264025

Abstract: The state-to-state dielectronic recombination (DR) rate coefficients of Lithium-like Hf, Ta, W and Re via Δn=0 and 1 resonances have been calculated at the energy range of 0.1~9.0 keV. The calculation based on relativistic multi-configuration Hartree-Fock (HFR) code which includes mass-velocity correction, spin-orbit coupling, Darwin term, and roughly Breit and retardation energies. The variation of state-to-state DR rate coefficients with the electronic temperature, DR type, and the principal quantum number of intermediate resonance states is discussed. The results show that some state-to-state DR rate coefficients are very small, therefore the total DR rate coefficients for some states, such as W71+(1s22s3d)0 and (1s22s3p)0 are several orders smaller than others, so it would be possible that the particle population of highly charged ions is reversed between some states by DR mechanism.

Key words: highly ionized states, Li-like ions, dielectronic recombination

摘要: 基于相对论多组态HF程序,采用畸变波理论和独立共振近似,计算了0.1~9.0keV温度范围的类锂高电荷离子Hf69+,Ta70+,W71+和Re72+对应于原子实Δn=0,1激发的态-态双电子复合速率系数。讨论了复合速率系数随电子温度,原子序数,复合类型以及双激发态中俘获电子的主量子数的变化关系。计算结果表明,不同复合通道的速率系数存在很大差异。由此提出了通过双电子复合过程来实现高电荷等离子体中粒子数反转的可能性。

关键词: 高离化态, 类锂离子, 双电子复合

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