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A PC-Based Platform for VR Development--PCVRS

WANG Hongwu, JIANG Yuquan, DONG Shihai   

  1. Graphics Lab, Department of Computer Science, Peking University, Beijing, 100871 Email: whw, jyq,
  • Received:1996-11-06 Online:1997-09-20 Published:1997-09-20


王宏武, 蒋宇全, 董士海   

  1. 北京大学计算机系图形研究室,北京,100871,Email: whw, jyq,

Abstract: This paper discusses a PC-based platform for Virtual Reality (VR) system development--PCVRS. Comparing with the same kind of systems abroad, this paper analyses in detail the features of PCVRS on interactive functions and opening capabilities. As for interactive functions, PCVRS added the Pick & Play interaction, supplied voice as an additional interacting modal and implemented multimodal interaction. The opening capabilities of the system are mainly shown by its support for VRML which is widely used as virtual reality modeling language on Internet. The system even supplies abstract modeling data structure as a uniform interface for various kinds of 3D scene data. By introducing one of the applications developed on this platform , we also tested the performance of this system. The test result shows that for those applications where scenes are not very complicated and the output requirements are not very high, PCVRS has a good interactive performance.

Key words: virtual reality, voice modal, multimodal interaction, virtual reality modeling language (VRML)

摘要: 介绍了一个基于PC的虚拟现实系统开发平台PCVRS。对比国外同类系统,具体分析了PCVRS在交互功能和开放性方面的特点。在交互功能方面,PCVRS扩充了Pick & Play的交互方式,增加了语音通道,实现了多通道交互。在开放性方面,PCVRS采用了Internet上流行的虚拟现实造型语言VRML作为系统的基本造型语言,并设计了一个抽象的造型数据格式作为向三维场景提供数据的统一接口。最后,通过对基于该平台开发的应用实例VRBrowser性能的测试,表明在场景不复杂、输出效果要求不高的应用中,PCVRS能获得较好的交互性能。

关键词: 虚拟现实, 语音通道, 多通道交互, 虚拟现实造型语言(VRML)

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