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A Document’s Placenames-Aware Document Ranking for GIR

REN Kejiang, ZHANG Shaowu, LIN Hongfei   

  1. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024;
  • Received:2012-03-01 Online:2013-03-20 Published:2013-03-20



  1. 大连理工大学电子信息与电气工程学部, 大连 116024;

Abstract: In order to induce the negative impact of irrelevant place names on geographical relevance, the authors proposed a geographic information retrieval (GIR) ranking method to reduce the impact which was based on document placenames-aware. Proposed method was not fixed on a MBR(minimum bounding rectangle), but all of the placenames which appeared in a document would calculate the relevance with query scope respectively. Experimental results show that the proposed approach can outperform baselines which are based on determining the MBR’s model and pure textual model of tf-idf.

Key words: gographic information retrieval (GIR), Geo-search, relevance ranking

摘要: 为了降低与主题不相关的地名对地理相关性产生的负面影响, 提出一种基于文档地名感知的排序方法。该方法不确定文档的地理范围, 而是分别计算文档中出现的每个地名与查询范围的相关性, 以减小文档中不相关地名对检索结果的影响。实验表明, 基于文档地名感知的方法的检索效果优于确定最小边界矩形的方法和基于tf-idf的方法。

关键词: 地理信息检索, 地理搜索, 相关性排序

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