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Measure and Analysis on Managers' Individual Influence

XIE Xiaofei1, CHEN Wenfeng2   

  1. 1Department of Psychology, Peking University, Beijing, 100871; 2Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100101
  • Received:2000-10-25 Online:2002-01-20 Published:2002-01-20


谢晓非1, 陈文锋2   

  1. 1北京大学心理学系,北京,100871; 2中国科学院心理所,北京,100101

Abstract: A questionnaire of "Individual Influence of Managers" was formed through collecting items, designing and conducting a initial questionnaire, and examining the structure validity of the questionnaire. The items were filtrated according to three evaluation criteria. Three sub-scales manifested individual personality scale 5.8(SD=0.4895)>power and norm 5.1(SD=0.6223)>interrelationship 4.7(SD=0.6189). It showed that managers' influence upon their subordinates mainly depended on their individual charm and personality and their effort to establish an informal authority, which was indeed an effective and recommendable way in enhancing one's influence in an organization. The managers could be divided into two groups, who showed significant variations on the three sub-scale variables of power, relationship and personality. Concerning these three variables, groups of high and low scores obviously differ from one another. The low-score group probably remained on a relatively lower level with regard to their way of influencing their subordinates. Improvement through some training was therefore needed. This study offered an effective tool for the training of managers' individual influences.

Key words: individual influence, training, management

摘要: 通过条目的收集、问卷设计、施测以及问卷结构效度检验的完整过程,形成"管理者个人影响力"问卷;并根据3个评价标准对问卷条目进行了筛选。经条目筛选后的问卷其结构效度得到改善。3个分量表表现出个人风格5.8(SD=0.4895)>权力规范5.1(SD=0.6223)>相互关系4.7(SD=0.6189),说明管理人员影响下属主要依赖自身魅力,注重建立非正式的权威,这也的确是最有效和值得倡导的方式。管理人员中存在两类被试在权力、关系、人格3个变量上的均值差异都达到了显著性水平,它表明在这3个变量上明显存在高分组与低分组。低分组被试在对下属的影响方式上,有可能还处于一个较低的水平,有必要通过培训对他们加以提高。本研究为管理者个人影响力的培训工作提供了有效的工具。

关键词: 个人影响力, 培训, 管理

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