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    20 September 2015, Volume 51 Issue 5
    Investigations on Irradiation Effects of Ni60Nb40 Amorphous Alloy and Hastelloy-N Alloy by 3 MeV Au Ion
    LIU Shiyi;XU Guangyue;ZHANG Yanwen;WANG Xu;TANG Meixiong;ZHAO Ziqiang;WEI Bingchen
    2015, 51(5):  783-790.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2015.056
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    3 MeV Au ions were used to irradiate Hastelloy-N and Ni60Nb40 amorphous alloy, and total doses were 2.3×1015 cm–2 and 5×1016 cm–2. X-ray Diffraction results presented that Ni60Nb40 amorphous alloy showed good stability in crystal state, but Hastelloy-N had apparent strain increment after irradiation. Nano-Indenter test found that softening of Ni60Nb40 amorphous alloy and hardening of Hastelloy-N were mainly caused by atom displacement damage. Through measuring step heigh created by half-shielding irradiation with an Atomic Force Micoscope, the authors found that the irradiation swelling of both materials were approximate. Scan Electron Micoscope observation showed that the critical dose of Ni60Nb40 amorphous alloy surface viscous flow induced by 3 MeV Au ions was larger than 2.3×1015 cm–2. The surface viscous flow critical dose was not uniform, which may be caused by surface stress induced by mechanical polishing. Ni60Nb40 amorphous alloy should be potential to be protective coating against corrosion and irradiation damage, for its self-healing of surface defects through viscous flow mechanism.
    Numerical Simulation Analysis for Low Temperature Plasma Ignition of Propane/Air
    MU Yuntao;ZHENG Dianfeng;WANG Yuqing;LI Lihan;ZHANG Huiqiang
    2015, 51(5):  791-798.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2015.083
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    In order to study the initiate mechanism of pulse detonation engine ignited by low temperature plasma through numerical simulation method, the low temperature plasma ignition discharge area was simplified into heat kernel with high temperature and high pressure considering the propane/air chemical reaction kinetics mechanism. The laminar finite-rate model in the FLUENT was used to simulate the combustion process from deflagration to detonation transition (DDT) initiated by low temperature plasma, and the process was analyzed minutely. The experimental results show that it is feasible to simplify the low temperature plasma ignition to the fire kernel of a certain pressure and temperature in numerical simulation under a reasonable boundary condition that the pressure is atmospheric pressure and the wall temperature is normal temperature. The ignition delay and measurement error results in that the detonation wave development time of the numerical simulation is shorter than that of experimental result. The measurement value of the experiment is close to the result in numerical simulation under the condition of normal pressure heat kernel and normal temperature wall.
    A Camshift Motion Tracking Algorithm Based on Kalman Filter
    ZHAI Weixin;CHENG Chengqi
    2015, 51(5):  799-804. 
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    Quantitative Study of S-Phase Checkpoint Pathway in Budding Yeast
    JIA Yongqiang;LI Fangting
    2015, 51(5):  805-811. 
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    Footprint Analysis for the Pollutant Sources of Key Cities in the Huaihe River Basin
    XU Chunmeng;CAI Xuhui;SONG Yu
    2015, 51(5):  812-820. 
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    Characteristics of Low Wind-Speed Meteorology in Guangdong Province
    GUO Mengting;CAI Xuhui;HE Qichao
    2015, 51(5):  821-828. 
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    Relationship of Stratospheric Circulation Anomalies with Surface Temperatures over Northeast Asia
    ZHANG Qiong;HU Yongyun
    2015, 51(5):  829-836. 
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    Adaptive Groundroll Attenuation Based on the Wavelet Transform
    ZENG Xiangkun;QIAO Baoping;LIU Yimou et al
    2015, 51(5):  837-842. 
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    Anisotropy of the Innermost Inner Core Further Constrained by Chinese Data
    CHEN Jiawei;NIU Fenglin;NING Jieyuan
    2015, 51(5):  843-849. 
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    Impact on Mechanical Properties of Rock Mass with Pressure Field’s Change in Low-Permeability Reservoirs
    BU Xiangqian;SHI Yongmin;DU Shuheng et al
    2015, 51(5):  850-856. 
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    Evaportative Pumping Effect and Calcareous Interbed Formation of Donghetang Near-Shore Sandstone
    JIANG Hongfu;WANG Ziyuan;SHI Yongmin et al
    2015, 51(5):  857-862. 
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    Mineral Prediction of Porphyrite Iron Ore Deposits in Middle Part of Ning-Wu Basin Based on Weight of Evidence Model
    ZHAO Zengyu;CHEN Huogen;PAN Mao et al
    2015, 51(5):  863-870. 
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    A Full-Time Domain Model of Hurricane Trajectories Based on Moving Objects
    LIU Liang;TIAN Yuan;WANG Xingguang et al
    2015, 51(5):  871-878. 
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    A New Method of Estimating Soil Moisture Content Using GNSS-R Technology Based on Lookup Table
    PENG Xuefeng;CHEN Xiuwan;WAN Wei et al
    2015, 51(5):  879-887. 
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    Assessment of Water Conservation Function of Forest Ecosystem in Yunhe County, Zhejiang Province
    SUN Qinglin;LI Yansen;GUO Jikai et al
    2015, 51(5):  888-896. 
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    Selection of Ecological Footprint Prediction Model: A Case Study of Wuhan City
    LIU Yongchao;GUO Huaicheng;DAI Chao
    2015, 51(5):  897-904. 
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    Anaerobic Bioaugmentation of the A/O Biological Filter System for Coking Efficient Wastewater Treatment
    WU Ye;NI Jinren
    2015, 51(5):  905-912. 
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    An Integrated Simulation and Optimization Modeling Approach for Environmental Planning in New Urban Areas
    DU Xiaoshang;YANG Pingjian;SHENG Hu et al
    2015, 51(5):  913-922. 
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    Optimization and Implementation of Livestock and Poultry Breeding Configuration: Taking Land Consolidation Project in Yaoshan and Gaoyupu Towns of Shunping County, Hebei Province as Study Case
    HAO Xingyao;TANG Xiumei;PAN Yuchun et al
    2015, 51(5):  923-930. 
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    Lower-Order Roots Biomass of Temperate Steppe and the Environmental Controls in Inner Mongolia
    HUANG Jing;ZENG Hui;XIONG Yanmei et al
    2015, 51(5):  931-938.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2015.101
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    In order to reveal the relationship between plant root growth strategy and the environment and the contribution of fine root turnover to grassland soil carbon pool, the authors sampled root to one meter soil depth at 17 sites across the desert grasslands, typical grasslands and meadow grasslands across Inner Mongolia, and lowerorder roots were separated from total root. The results showed that 1) lower-order root biomass was positively correlated with total root biomass, and both lower-order root biomass and total root biomass were positively related to annual average precipitation and soil nitrogen content, negatively related to annual average temperature; 2) the ratio of lower-order root biomass to total root biomass showed a trend of desert grassland (14%) < typical steppe (20%) < meadow steppe (39%), and the ratio was positively related to average annual rainfall, negatively related to annual average temperature and not related to soil carbon and nitrogen content; 3) the vertical distribution patterns of lower-order root biomass and total root biomass were similar: decreasing with soil depth in meadow grasslands with 85% of the biomass distributed in the 0–40 cm layer, while not significantly differented among soil layers in typical grasslands and desert grasslands. This study suggested that 1) plant roots could response the two environmental factors through different mechanisms; 2) in habitats with lower water availability, plants might allocate less C to the lower-order roots to reduce C loss, and allocate more C to higher-order roots to store water and nutrient. It is further suggested that fine root absorption efficiency may be higher in drier habitats than moister habitats.
    Evaluation with Coupling Coordination Degree on System of Industrial Parks in Chuzhou
    LI Chuting;YIN Jie
    2015, 51(5):  939-945.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2015.102
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    In order to deal with some discordant problems among the land resource, industry development and supporting facilities of the industrial parks in the central and western regional cities, the research takes industrial park as a whole to construct the “land utilization-industry development-nature and support facility” evaluation system. Basing on the coupling coordination perspective and taking 13 provincial industrial parks in Chuzhou as examples, the research tries to provide a direction for main upgrade of the industrial parks. Conclusion shows that industrial parks develop better in the east than the west and the development of industrial parks is not optimistic neither wholly nor in separate system. The subsystems “land utilization-industry development-nature and support facility” interact with each other. Meanwhile, 77% of provincial industrial parks should focus on improving positive indicators of element layers in land utilization or natural-support facility system which can promote whole efficiency of the industrial parks.
    Evolutive Trend of China’s Corn Output and Its Fluctuation Characteristics Based on LMDI Model and EMD Model
    LI Yanmei;CHEN Yangfen;LIU Yu;GAO Bingbo
    2015, 51(5):  946-954.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2015.103
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    Based on logarithmic mean weigh division index method (LMDI), empirical mode decomposition method (EMD) and variance decomposition model (VDM), the evolutive trend and fluctuation characteristics of corn production in China during 1978–2012 was analyzed. The contribution difference to corn output fluctuation during eight grain production regions was revealed. The following results were obtained. Corn output increased by 1.50×108 ton from 1978 to 2012, and the corn production advantage in Huang-Huai-Hai region and Northeast Region in China was further highlighted. It was estimated that the accumulated contribution values of corn sowing area and corn yield per hectare at national scale were 0.79×108 ton and 0.71×108 ton respectively, and corn sowing area was the major contributor to the increment of corn output. The residual trend of corn output showed a trend of gradual increase and the grain output has 3-year periodic oscillation. During the eight grain production regions in China, Huang-Huai-Hai Region played the prominent role in the total fluctuation, following by the Northeast Region and Loess Plateau Region. The self-fluctuations in the three regions and their positively mutual affect were the main factors of China’s corn output fluctuation, including Huang-Huai-Hai Region, Northeast Region and Loess Plateau Region in China. For the high contribution ratio and drastic change, more attention should be paid to Huang-Huai-Hai Region and Northeast Region in China.
    Study on Driving Forces and Spatial Simulation of Land Use Change in Zhangjiakou City Based on Logistic Regression Model
    XU Yueqing;TIAN Yuan;SUN Piling
    2015, 51(5):  955-964.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2015.109
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    Taking Zhangjiakou City as the study area, using the land use data of 1989, 2000 and 2010, DEM, and social-economic statistical data, the authors analyzed the characteristics of land use change, established the driving force model based on binary logistic regression, explained the spatial driving factors that caused land use change, and simulated the spatial pattern of construction land in future. This paper provided an effective way for land use system to model and forecast future land use pattern. The result showed that arable land decreased sharply from 1989 to 2010, which mainly transited to forest land, grass land and construction land; forest land increased significantly, which mainly originated from grass land and arable land; construction land increased quickly, which mainly originated from arable land, grassland and unused land; grassland, water body and other land decreased steadily. Spatial correlation factors at 400 m scale, slope, aspect, the distance to town, the distance to road and distance to natural reservation were the important factors driving the spatial change of land use. In future, the increase of construction land will mainly occur in the Baxia region and river valleys. The downtown of Zhangjiakou City will extend to the south and west. Construction land will significantly increase around the current city and town centers in Wanquan, Huailai and Yu County.
    Spatio-temporal Changes of Crop Diseases and Insect Pests in China over the Last Two Decades
    ZHAO Miao;ZHAO Chuang;SUN Zhenzhong;SONG Hongquan
    2015, 51(5):  965-975.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2015.080
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    The temporal and spatial changes of crop diseases and insect pests were investigated based on the statistic data of occurrence area as well as planted crop areas data during the last 20 years in China. Meanwhile, the relationship between crop diseases and insect pests’ occurrence and climate were examined in this paper. Results showed that the trends of crop diseases and insect pests’ occurrence area and rate significantly increased by 8.52×106 (hm2·time)/a and 0.05%/a, respectively (p<0.01). Spatially, Shandong and Henan had the largest planted crop area and occurrence area, whose occurrence area both reached more than 3.0×108 hm2·time. Twenty-two years averaged, crop diseases and insect pests occurred all over the country, but experienced uneven pattern. The most serious province (autonomous region or municipality) is Shanghai, followed by Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Furthermore, the trends of crop diseases and insect pests’ occurrence area rate increased in all of the studied provinces in China. Shanghai (0.17%/a) and Zhejiang (0.12%/a) owned the largest two crop diseases and insect pests’ occurrence area rate, while Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan and Yunnan had the smaller increasing trends. Therefore the increasing trend of crop diseases and insect pests’ occurrence area rate descended from the coast to the inland. Out of the 28 provinces investigated, there were positive correlations between the anomaly of insect pests’ occurrence area rate and the anomaly of mean annual temperature in 25 (89.3%) provinces and were significant positive in 13 (46.4%) provinces (p<0.05), but no significant correlations with that of precipitation in most provinces.
    The Effect of Observing Others’ Lives on the Perceived Tolerance of Pain
    WEI Wenqi;WANG Lei;QIAO Lingsi;LI Chen
    2015, 51(5):  976-982.  DOI: 10.13209/j.0479-8023.2015.094
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    Based on social learning and social comparison theories, the authors investigated whether the exposure to the successful or miserable lives of others could influence participants’ pain tolerance. Results consistently showed that people who were exposed to the successful or miserable lives of others reported higher tolerance of pain than people who were exposed to the ordinary lives of others. This result was present across different samples (employee sample in Experiment 1, and university student samples in Experiment 2), different priming methods (story of a waiter’s experience in Experiment 1, and a student’s life in Experiment 2). All these findings suggest that people can adaptively select different paths to regulate themselves in order to cope with pain.