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Synthesis of New Neutral Technetium(V)-99m Phenylimido Complex

HE Jiang, WU Yonghui, WANG Xiangyun, LIU Yuanfang   

  1. Department of Technical Physics, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1997-03-21 Online:1998-07-20 Published:1998-07-20


何江, 吴永慧, 王祥云, 刘元方   

  1. 北京大学技术物理学系,北京,100871

Abstract: Reactions of 99mTcO4-,acetylphenylhydrazine (PhNHNHCOCH3), reducing agent (Sn2+, Triphenylphosphine, Tris(m-sulfophenyl) phosphine) and ligand Et2NCS2Na in CH3OH, C2H5OH and H2O solvent systems were studied. The final new product [99mTcVCl(NPh)(Et2NCS2)2] was characterized by paper chromatography, thin layer chromatography and paper electrophoresis, and also partition coefficients in cyclohexane/water and n-octanol/water systems were measured. The biodistribution of this complex was also determined, showing that the complex does not accumulate in heart, nor brain.

Key words: [99mTc=N-Ph]3+ core complex, radiopharmaceuticals

摘要: 研究了在CH3OH,C2H5OH,H2O 3种溶剂体系中99mTcO4-,乙酰苯肼(PhNHNHCOCH3, APH)、还原剂(Sn2+、三苯基膦、三(间磺酸钠)苯基膦)与配体Et2NCS2Na的反应,以制备含[99mTcV=N—Ph]3+核的新配合物[TcVCl(NPh)(Et2NCS2)2]。用放射性纸层析、薄层色谱及放射性纸电泳对反应产物进行了检测,并测定了不同条件下产物在环己烷/水、正辛醇/水中的分配系数,得到了制备含[99mTcV=N—Ph]3+核的配合物的相关条件,还进一步研究了这种配合物的动物分布。结果是该配合物在正常小白鼠体内不稳定,心和脑的摄取率低。

关键词: 99mTcV=N—Ph]3+核配合物, 放射性药物

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