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The Anticancerous Experimental Research of Medicine and Tea

ZHOU Yaqin1, SONG Zengfu1, MENG Zhaoxin2, XIA Meiying2, DIN Xiaoping2, ZHOU Shiwu3, CHEN Xiaobo4, HU Shengzhi5   

  1. 1Department of Physics, Peking University, Beijing, 100871,; 2Department of Physics, Capital Normal University, Beijing, 100053; 3Department of Basic Science, Yan Zhou Institute of Industry, Yan Zhou, 225001; 4Department of Physics, Nankai University, Tian Jin, 300071; 5Department of Chemistry, Xiamen University, Xiamen, 361005
  • Received:1995-06-07 Online:1996-01-20 Published:1996-01-20

中药和茶叶抗癌的实验研究 Ⅱ

周雅琴1, 宋增福1, 孟昭信2, 肖枚英2, 丁小平2, 周实武3, 陈晓波4, 胡盛志5   

  1. 1北京大学物理学系,北京,100871;2首都师范大学物理学系,北京,100053; 3扬州工学院基础科学系,扬州,225001; 4南开大学物理学系,天津,300071; 5厦门大学化学系,厦门,361005

Abstract: The interaction of several medicines and chinese green tea with DNA was studied through measurements of EB fluorescent intensity, in order to understand their preventive effect of cancer and anticancerous effects. This new results have followed the previous work, which has been published in this journal in 1993.

Key words: anticancer, the prevent of cancer, tea

摘要: 报道了用荧光探针方法研究多种药物和茶叶与DNA的相互作用以了解它们的防癌抗癌效用。这是作者的第Ⅱ部分工作。第Ⅰ部分工作已在本刊(1993年第1期)报道过。

关键词: 防癌, 抗癌, 茶叶

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