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Synthesis, Characterization and Magnetism of Cyano-bridged Cu2IIFeII and Ni6IIFeII Complexes

SUN Xianru, CHEN Zhida, BIAN Jiang, WANG Shixi, AN Jin, XU Guangxian   

  • Received:1999-05-03 Online:2000-03-20 Published:2000-03-20


孙献茹, 陈志达, 卞江, 王诗玺, 安金, 徐光宪   

Abstract: Two cyano-bridged complexes {[Cu(L)2]2[Fe(CN)6]}(L=NH2CH2CH2CH2OH(ampt) (1), NH2CH2CH(CH3)OH(amtt)(2)) and cyanobridged Ni6IIFeII cluster [Fe(CN-Ni(tetren))6](ClO4)8(tetren)(3) were synthesized, and have been characterized by elemental analysis and IR spectrum. The experimental results show that the oxide state of Fe is changed from FeIII to FeII after the synthesis reaction. The magnetization versus T and magnetic susceptibility of (2) were measured and showed that the interaction between CuII ions separated by diamagnetic low spin FeII is weak antiferromagnetic.

Key words: oxide state-changing, cyano-bridge, antiferromagnetic reaction

关键词: 变价, 氰根桥, 反铁磁作用

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