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REE Characteristics and Their Geological Implications of the Strata Bearing Panxian Fauna of the Middle Triassic of Guizhou Province

TANG Bin, LIU Chuxiong1, HAO Weicheng   

  • Received:2006-03-30 Online:2007-03-20 Published:2007-03-20



Abstract: The REE component variation rules indicate that the Yangjian section, where Panxian Fauna was found, was in a weakly reductive depositional environment in most of its aggradational time. The unconventional changes of the contents of REE in the samples were mainly influenced by the volcanism at that time; and there are two types and four subtypes of sedimentary provenance, which are from tholeiite and terrestrial debris accordingly. The composing characteristics of LREE, MREE and HREE in the sediment samples are very similar, which turns out to be a stable evolvement feature, and thus indicates that the section was once in a steady tectonic environment.

Key words: Panxian fauna, REE, Middle Triassic, Guizhou Province

摘要: 对产出盘县动物群化石的贵州羊件剖面岩石样品中稀土元素含量(质量分数)变化规律进行了研究,结果表明:剖面大部分沉积时间是处于弱还原的沉积环境;样品中稀土元素含量的异常波动主要受当时的火山作用影响,其沉积物物源有2大类4亚类,分别来自拉斑玄武岩和沉积岩;沉积岩样品的轻稀土、中稀土、重稀土配分极为相似,表现为稳定的演化特征,指示出当时剖面所处位置的构造环境较为稳定。

关键词: 盘县动物群, 稀土元素, 中三叠世, 贵州省

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