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Research on Web Publishing of Spatial Information

YANG Chaowei,LI Qi   

  1. CyberGIS Studio, The Institute of RS & GIS, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:2000-02-25 Online:2001-05-20 Published:2001-05-20



  1. 北京大学遥感与地理信息系统研究所,北京大学数字地球工作室,北京,100871

Abstract: A system review and research on the web publishing of spatial information are made, according to the status and character of Internet and spatial information. Problems of publishing architecture and respective technical are given out and solved, the spatial information web publishing prototype-WebGIS is implemented according to it. The future of web publishing of spatial information is also discussed. The first section gives the background of web publishing of spatial information. The second section is dedicated to the architecture of it and this section is followed by the techniques used in constructing the web publishing system of spatial information with a prototype of it, WebGIS is implemented to display how to build a web publishing system of spatial information. In section 4 some future trends about web publishing of spatial information are discussed in detail.

Key words: digital earth, spatial information, Web publishing, catalog, WebGIS, NSDI

摘要: 系统地对空间信息的Web发布技术的产生背景、技术问题进行了探讨,并以一个空间信息Web发布的系统——WebGIS作为实例来展示它的实现技术和理论问题。

关键词: 数字地球, 空间信息, Web发布, 目录, WebGIS, 国家空间信息基础设施

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