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Characterization and Preparation of Ce-Y-O Solid Solutions and PdO/Ce-Y-O Catalysts for CH4 Oxidation

LUO Mengfei,SHAN Wenjuan,LI Meijun,LU Jiqing,LI Can   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Catalysis, Dilian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian, 116023
  • Received:2000-07-06 Online:2001-03-20 Published:2001-03-20



  1. 中国科学院大连化学物理研究所,催化基础国家重点实验室,大连,116023

Abstract: Ce-Y-O Solid Solution was prepared by citrate sol-gel method, and characterized by using XRD, Raman and TPR techniques. The structure of the solid solution depends on the Ce/(Ce+Y)ratio. When Ce/(Ce+Y)≥0.6, only face centered cubic phase is observed. When Ce/(Ce+Y)≤0.5, only body centered cubic phase is observed. The addition of Y atoms into CeO2 improves the reduction-oxidation behavior. Ce-Y-O-supported PdO catalysts show higher activity for CH4 oxidation than PdO/CeO2 and PdO/Y2O3 catalysts. The PdO/Ce0.8Y 0.2O1.90 catalyst is the most active of all catalysts.

Key words: Ce-Y-O solid solution, PdO/Ce-Y-O catalysts, TPR, CH4 oxidation

摘要: 采用柠檬酸溶胶-凝胶法制备了Ce-Y-O固溶体,并用XRD和Raman对Ce-Y-O固溶体的物相结构进行了表征,发现当n(Ce)/n(Ce+Y)(摩尔比)≥0.6时,Ce-Y-O固溶体为面心立方结构,而n(Ce)/n(Ce+Y)≤0.5时为体心立方结构。固溶体的生成有利于提高氧化还原性能。Ce-Y-O固溶体担载PdO催化剂的CH4氧化活性表明,n(Ce)/n(Ce+Y)对担载PdO催化剂的CH4氧化活性影响很大,当n(Ce)/n(Ce+Y)=0.8时催化剂活性最高,CH4转化率50%的温度为350℃,完全转化温度为600℃。

关键词: Ce-Y-O固溶体, 负载PdO催化剂, TPR, CH4氧化

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