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On the Simplification of Chinese Characters in Taiwan:A Perspective of Corpus Linguistics

WANG Boli, SHI Xiaodong, CHEN Yidong, REN Wenyao, YAN Siyao   

  1. Department of Cognitive Science, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005;
  • Received:2014-06-30 Online:2015-03-20 Published:2015-03-20



  1. 厦门大学智能科学与技术系, 厦门 361005;

Abstract: Corpus linguistics methods were applied to prove that there is simplification phenomenon of Chinese characters in Taiwan. Firstly, a Taiwan Chinese corpus was built up with a large number of texts from media, government website and blog. Secondly, with statistics from corpus, it was proved that civilians in Taiwan prefer to use those popular Chinese characters with fewer strokes, which implies a simplification phenomenon. Lastly, the authors analyzed several influential factors of the simplification of Chinese characters in Taiwan, including simplified Chinese from the mainland, Chinese character encoding and Chinese IME.

Key words: corpus linguistics, Taiwan, Chinese characters, simplification of Chinese characters, popular Chinese characters

摘要: 采用语料库语言学的研究方法, 论证台湾存在汉字简化的现象, 并分析台湾汉字简化的特点和影响因素。首先, 通过爬取台湾的新闻媒体、政府网站和博客, 建立台湾汉语语料库。然后, 借助语料库统计数据, 论证台湾民间存在对简笔俗字的使用偏好, 即台湾存在汉字简化的现象, 并进一步分析台湾汉字简化的若干特点。最后, 讨论台湾汉字简化的影响因素, 包括大陆简体字、汉字编码、中文输入法等。

关键词: 语料库语言学, 台湾, 汉字, 汉字简化, 俗字

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