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Cytotoxic Metabolites Produced by Penicillium lanosum NT-121 Isolated from Sludge

MA Yanrong, TIAN Congkui, NI Jinren   

  1. Department of Environmental Engineering, Peking University, Key Laboratory of Water and Sediment Sciences MOE, Beijing 100871;
  • Received:2013-01-23 Online:2013-11-20 Published:2013-11-20

污泥中真菌Penicillium lanosum NT-121的细胞毒活性产物研究


  1. 北京大学环境工程系, 水沙科学教育部重点实验室, 北京 100871;

Abstract: To explore a new route of high value utilization about the waste biomass resources of current environmental pollution, to expand the source of new microbial strains for drugs screening, the antitumor activity of secondary metabolites of the fungus P. lanosum NT-121 was researched as an example. Three bioactive metabolites produced by P. lanosum NT-121 were isolated by a bioassay-guided separation procedure using liquid-liquid extraction, column chromatography and recrystallization methods. The structures of these compounds obtained were identified as 5α,8α-epidioxy-(22E,24R)-ergosta-6,22-dien-3β-ol (1), quercetin (2) and terrain (3) through spectroscopic methods and comparing with the related references. The antitumor activity of compound 1, 2 and 3 was assayed by the MTT method using K562 cells and they inhibited the proliferation of K562 cells with the IC50 values of 45.8 μg/ mL, 563.8 μg/ mL and 6.5 μg/ mL, respectively. The compounds isolated have not been found in the metabolites of P. lanosum so far and compound 1 and 3 could inhibit K562 cells.

Key words: sludge, fungus, metabolites, antitumor activity

摘要: 以来源于污泥的抗肿瘤活性真菌P. lanosum NT-121活性代谢产物研究为例, 探索污染环境中生物资源高值利用(即药源微生物新菌株资源开发)的新途径。采用活性跟踪分离的实验策略, 利用液液萃取、柱层析、重结晶等方法从该活性菌株的发酵液乙酸乙酯萃取物总浸膏中分离出3个化合物, 利用现代波谱技术结合文献对照鉴定其化学结构分别为5α,8α-过氧-(22E,24R)-麦角甾-6,22-二烯-3β-醇(1), 槲皮素(2), terrein(3)。用MTT法测试化合物1, 2, 3抑制K562细胞的IC50 值分别为 45.8, 563.8和6.5 μg/ mL。这3个化合物虽为已知化合物, 但均为首次在P. lanosum中发现, 且化合物1和3对K562细胞有一定增殖抑制活性。

关键词: 污泥, 真菌, 代谢产物, 抗肿瘤活性

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