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Effect of Polymer Coating on Electrochemical Performance of Novel LiFeBO3 Cathode Materials

YANG Chi1, WANG Hong1, GUO Chuntai2, SUN Li’an3   

  1. 1. School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Mianyang Normal University, Mianyang 621000; 2. Tianjin EV Energies Co., Tianjin 300112; 3. Sichuan Jiuyuan Huantong Power Sources Co., Mianyang 621000;
  • Received:2011-05-22 Online:2011-11-20 Published:2011-11-20



  1. 1. 绵阳师范学院化学与化学工程学院, 绵阳 621000; 2. 天津捷威动力有限公司, 天津 300112; 3. 四川久远环通电源有限责任公司, 绵阳 621000;

Abstract: The cathode materials of LiFeBO3 was prepared by means of solid reaction with lithium metaborate and ferric oxide as raw materials. LiFeBO3 were coated with silicone polymer solution. The samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. Electrochemical tests of materials showed that LiFeBO3 exhibited a higher discharge mass specific capacity. The coated samples demonstrated the improved performance. Sample coated with 5% silicone had a initial capacity 195 mAh/g. There was only 4.3% capacity loss after 50 cycling.

Key words: lithium ion batteries, cathode materials, lithium iron borate, silicone polymer

摘要: 以偏硼酸锂和三氧化二铁为原料, 采用固相反应, 合成了动力锂离子电池新型正极材料LiFeBO3, 并对该材料进行有机硅聚合物包覆保护处理。采用XRD和SEM等方法对样品进行表征。实验表明, LiFeBO3具有较高的重量比容量, 而且有机硅聚合物包覆后的硼酸铁锂具有更好的电化学性能, 5%硅聚合物包覆的硼酸锂首次放电容量达195 mAh/g, 0.5 C充放电循环50次后容量衰减只有4.3%。

关键词: 锂离子电池, 正极材料, 硼酸铁锂, 有机硅聚合物

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