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Catalytic Combustion of Anthracite Coal with Different Density Fractions

JI Li, WANG Ping, ZHANG Hong, LI Yanan, LU Chao   

  1. School of Chemical Enginerring, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou 221116;
  • Received:2010-11-09 Online:2011-05-20 Published:2011-05-20


姬莉, 王平, 张洪, 李亚男, 陆超   

  1. 中国矿业大学化工学院,徐州 221116;

Abstract: The effects of K2CO3 on combustion property and kinetics of different fraction coal samples were investigated with a non-isothermal thermogravimetry. The results show that K2CO3 can improve the combustibility of pulverized coal. When the optimum value of the K2CO3 loading is 15%, the ignition temperature of the lower density fraction decreases by 56.7 ℃ comparing with a medium density fraction decreasing by 30 ℃. The temperature of maximum rate decreases first and then increases with the load of K2CO3 increasing, but it is always lower than untreated coal. K2CO3 has more effect on coal sample with low density fraction than that with high density fraction under the best circumstance, because of high mineral content and low K+ iron in medium density fraction. Oxygen-transfer can explain the reason and K2CO3 reduce the apparent activated energy.

Key words: density fraction, K2CO3, combustion characteristics, kinetics, thermogravimetric analysis

摘要: 利用热重法研究了K2CO3对不同密度无烟煤煤粉燃烧特性和动力学的影响。结果表明:K2CO3能够改善煤粉的燃烧性能; 在K2CO3溶液最佳添加量浓度为 15%时, 低密度煤粉着火温度降低 56.7℃,中密度煤粉着火温度降低 30℃;随着K2CO3负载量的增加, 煤样的最大失重速率对应的温度先降低后升高, 但均低于原煤; 由于中密度煤粉矿物质含量高, K+离子含量低,在最佳催化剂含量下, K2CO3对低密度煤粉的催化作用优于对中密度煤粉的催化作用; K2CO3催化煤燃烧机理可用氧转移理论解释; K2CO3可减小体系表观活化能。

关键词: 密度级别, 碳酸钾, 烧特性, 动力学, 热重分析

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