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Classification of Coastal Near-Surface Wind Fields over the China Sea

SHI Hui, CAI Xuhui, SONG Yu   

  1. School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Peking University, Beijing 100871;
  • Received:2010-03-15 Online:2011-03-20 Published:2011-03-20



  1. 北京大学环境科学与工程学院环境科学系, 北京 100871;

Abstract: In order to systematically study the statistical characters of coastal near-surface wind over the China Sea, a division for wind regions and an automated classification for wind fields were realized through cluster analysis. Four wind regions and 31 wind patterns were obtained. Wind regions show the correlations of wind speed among different parts of the China Sea. Identified wind patterns include the typical wind fields of monsoons, and wind fields reflecting frequently occurring synoptic systems. Wind fields in the transition periods between monsoons and wind fields in the whole year were also identified. Besides mean wind speed, other meteorological factors, including temperature and humidity, are also significantly affected by the patterns. Investigation of occurrence frequencies, timing, mean wind speed and wind direction distribution of wind patterns reveal the statistical characters of coastal near-surface wind over the China Sea.

Key words: wind pattern, wind region, the China Sea, cluster analysis, automated classification

摘要: 为系统研究中国近岸海域海面风的统计特征, 利用聚类分析方法实现了风区域划分和风场的自动分类, 得到4个风区域, 共31个风场类型。风区域反映了中国近海海域风速的区域相关性。风场类型很好地识别出各海区季风典型场, 以及反映海区常见天气系统的特征风场。一些处于冬夏季风过渡时期和可在全年出现的特定风场类型也被识别出来。风场类型除了对平均风速有影响外, 对其他气象要素包括温度、湿度, 也有显著性影响。对各个风场类型的出现频率、时间分布、平均风速和风向分布等特征量的全面分析, 揭示了中国近岸海域海面风场的统计特征。

关键词: 风场类型, 风区域, 中国海, 聚类分析, 风场自动分类

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