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Comparison of Measurement Results of Several Online Carbonaceous Aerosol Monitoring Techniques

LAN Zijuan1, HUANG Xiaofeng1, HE Lingyan1, HU Min2, XUE Lian1, SUN Tianle1, HU Weiwei2, LIN Yun1, ZHANG Yuanhang2   

  1. 1. Key Laboratory for Urban Habitat Environmental Science and Technology, School of Environment and Energy, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, Shenzhen 518055; 2.State Key Joint Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control, College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University, Beijing 100871;
  • Received:2010-03-23 Online:2011-01-20 Published:2011-01-20



  1. 1. 北京大学深圳研究生院环境与能源学院, 城市人居环境科学与技术重点实验室, 深圳 518055;2. 北京大学环境科学与工程学院, 环境模拟与污染控制国家重点联合实验室, 北京 100871;

Abstract: A couple of carbonaceous aerosol online monitoring instruments, which are popularly used in the world, were compared by real atmospheric measurement, in order to provide some useful information on their characteristics to scientists in the field. Elemental carbon (EC) and organic matter (OM) in atmospheric fine particles in Shenzhen were monitored simultaneously by 4 different online instruments from October 31 to November 8, 2009, and the comparison among the results indicated that the EC concentrations measured using an aethalometer and an single particle soot photometer (SP2) agreed with each other quite well, with R2 = 0. 97 and slope = 1. 00; the EC concentrations measured using an online EC/OC analyzer also correlated well ( R2> 0. 95) with those by the aethalometer and SP2, but presented 30% - 40% lower concentration levels; the organic carbon (OC) concentrations measured using the online EC/ OC analyzer correlated well (R2= 0. 83) with the OM concentrations measured using an Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS), but deviated from the OM time-series trends relatively more when the OM were at high concentration levels. Possible reasons for the differences among the measurement results are discussed.

Key words: organic matter, elemental carbon, online monitoring, comparison

摘要: 2009 年 10 月 31 日?11 月8 日, 用国际上应用较多的4 种气溶胶在线监测仪同步监测了深圳大气细粒子中元素碳( EC) 和有机物( OM) 的浓度。比对结果显示: 黑碳仪与单颗粒黑碳光度计测定 EC 有很高的相关度, R2=0. 97, 斜率为 1.00; 在线 EC/ OC 分析仪的EC 监测结果与前两者的相关度 R2均大于0. 95, 但是其浓度水平总体偏低 30%~40%; 在线 EC/ OC 分析仪测定的OC 与气溶胶质谱仪测得的 OM 也 比较吻合, 相关度 R2=0.83, 但是在OM 高浓度时在线 EC/ OC 分析仪的测量结果相对偏低。对造成不同在线仪器观测数据差异的因素进行了初步探讨, 为研究者掌握这些在线仪器获得的高时间分辨率观测数据的准确性和差异性提供支撑信息。

关键词: 有机物, 元素碳, 在线监测, 比对

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