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Construction Fugitive PM10Emission and Its Influences on Air Quality in Guiyang

ZHANG Wenting1, WANG Xuesong1, LIU Zhaorong1, ZHANG Yuanhan1, SHAO Min1, CHENG Qun2, WU Degang2, IAN Wei2   

  1. 1. College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University, Beijing 100871; 2. Guiyang Environmental Protection Bureau, Guiyang 550003;
  • Received:2009-04-09 Online:2010-03-20 Published:2010-03-20



  1. 1. 北京大学环境科学与工程学院, 北京 1000871; 2.贵阳市环境保护局,贵阳 550003;

Abstract: To study influences of construction fugitive in Guiyang, construction fugitive PM10emission in 2002 was estimated based on an extensive survey of construction activities in Guiyang. The contribution of construction fugitive dust to ambient PM10was simulated using the CALPUFF model, and the seasonal variation as well as influencing factors were addressed. The results show that fugitive PM10emission from construction activities was up to 416 tons, accounting for 4% of all PM10 source emissions in the urban area of Guiyang. Construction fugitive dust showed great impact on the ambient PM10level in Guiyang, and contributed 12% to the annual mean concentration of PM10over the urban area. Significant seasonal variation of the contribution of construction fugitive dust was found due to the change of construction activities and meteorological conditions ( wind and precipitation).

Key words: construction fugitive dust, Guiyang, CALPUFF, PM10

摘要: 为了研究贵阳建筑扬尘的环境影响, 根据对建筑和市政施工工程的调查, 估算了贵阳市区2002 年建筑扬尘的PM10排放量, 并利用 CALPUFF 模型模拟了建筑扬尘对PM10浓度的贡献, 分析了其季节变化及影响因素。结果表明, 2002 年贵阳城区建筑扬尘的PM10排放量为416t, 占PM10排放总量的4% 。建筑扬尘对贵阳市区较大范围内的PM10浓度水平均有影响, 对整个城区 PM10的年均浓度贡献接近12% 。受施工强度以及风场和降水等气象因素作用, 建筑扬尘排放的影响体现出明显的季节变化。

关键词: 建筑扬尘, 贵阳, CALPUFF, PM10

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