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A New Baseband Decoder for Mobile RFID Reader

ZHONG Jinsi, WANG Xinan, FENG Xiaoxing, CAO Wei, QI Yongzhen   

  1. The Key Laboratory of Integrated Microsystems, Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking University, Shenzhen 518055;
  • Received:2009-05-08 Online:2010-01-20 Published:2010-01-20



  1. 北京大学深圳研究生院集成微系统科学工程与应用重点实验室, 深圳518055;

Abstract: A digital baseband receiver which supports both ISO 18000-6B and 6Cfor UHF RFIDradio frequency identification reader is described. The digital baseband receiver includes deci mation filters, dc-removed filters, phase-recovery module, and so on. A novel decoder in digital baseband is also proposed. An approach to compensate the effect of zero-point excursion based on the zero-detect method is presented in the decoder. Simulation and verification results indicate that the new approach needs less hardware resources and less time to decodethe signal, compared with the correlation based demodulation method. Total chip area without test pads is 730 μm ×3375 μm @0. 18 μm CMOSprocess and consumes 32. 89 mW, whilethe decoder occupies the 1% of total area and consumes 0. 23mW.

Key words: RFID, reader, digital baseband receiver, decoder, CICfilter

摘要: 设计了一个超高频射频识别读写器的基带接收机, 该芯片既支持UHF 频段的ISO 18000-6B 标准, 也能支持ISO18000-6C 标准。该数字基带接收机主要包括抽取滤波、去直流、相位恢复等基本单元, 在解码部分体现了一种新的数字基带解码器。该解码器在过零检测解码方法的基础上进行了“零点”的修复, 从而可以更加有效地实现解码。和相关器解调解码相比, 这种方法所需硬件更少, 解码的实时性更强。不包括测试管脚, 该数字芯片在0. 18μm CMOS 工艺下的总面积为730 μm×3375 μm, 其中解码部分占总面积的1 %;整个数字芯片的功耗为32. 89 mW,解码部分的功耗为0. 23 mW。

关键词: 射频识别技术, 读写器, 数字基带接收机, 解码器, CIC滤波器

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