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Simulation Research on Matching Algorithmfor Underwater Gravity Difference Entropy Aided Inertial Navigation

ZHANGFeizhou, CHEN Jia, GENG Jiazhou, CHENG Peng   

  1. School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100871;
  • Received:2009-02-01 Online:2010-01-20 Published:2010-01-20



  1. 北京大学地球与空间科学学院, 北京100871;

Abstract: The task modes of underwater gravity assistant navigation and design of system simulation algorithm are studied with gravity difference entropy of physical geography character. The basic principle of the algorithmis that the information entropy could be used in gravity assistant navigation for autonomous underwater vehicle(AUV) in navigation matching algorithm. The error of inertial navigation systemin AUV is corrected by means of the information difference between template gravity map and actual gravity map and the difference of gravity gradient maps, therefore the high precision navigation can be implemented in the condition of long time and covered operation. The character and development general situation of gravity assistant navigation are also inducted. On basis of gravity base research, the design idea and experiment method of passive navigation matching algorithm based on underwater gravity difference entropy are expatiated in the end.

Key words: underwater navigation, inertial navigation, aided navigation, information entropy, gravity difference entropy

摘要: 介绍了重力辅助导航发展概况, 阐述了采用地球物理特征的重力差异熵方法进行水下重力辅助导航算法设计及仿真实验方法研究。该算法基本思想是在导航匹配算法中, 将信息熵引入 自主水下运动载体( autonomous underwater vehicles ,AUV)重力辅助导航, 在重力数据库研究的基础上, 通过模板重力图与实时重力图的信息量差异以及模板重力梯度图差异, 修正水下惯性导航系统( inertial navigation system,INS)的误差。仿真实验结果表明, 利用重力差异熵辅助INS导航, 能够获得高精度的导航信息。因此, 基于水下重力差异熵的辅助导航, 可实现AUV 长航时隐蔽的高精度导航。

关键词: 水下导航, 惯性导航, 辅助导航, 信息熵, 重力差异熵

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