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Analysis and Practice of a SoC Hardware Kernel for MS Windows

ZHENG Yansong, TONG Dong, LI Hao, PANG Jiufeng, WNAG Keyi, CHENG Xu   

  1. Microprocessor Research and Development Center, Peking University, Beijing 100871;
  • Received:2008-12-24 Online:2009-11-20 Published:2009-11-20

MS Windows 兼容的系统芯片硬件核心的分析与实践


  1. 北京大学微处理器研究开发中心, 北京100871;

Abstract: The authors study a method that develops a SoC hardware kernel for MS Windows. The method captures the basic system function specification of hardware kernel through multiple simulation execution and gradual drawoff, on the premise that the system is MS Windows compatible. The experiment indicates that the complexity of the hardware kernel is simpler drastically than that of the whole system, and that the requirement of hardware kernel among MS Windows versions is different obviously. Moreover, the SoC hardware kernel for MS Windows 98 is verified on the FPGA prototype.

Key words: MS Windows, system-on-chip, hardware kernel, function specification

摘要: 研究了开发MS Windows 兼容的系统芯片硬件核心的方法。该方法在确保MS Windows 兼容的前提下, 通过多次模拟运行、逐步抽取的方式获得硬件核心基本系统功能规范。实验表明, 相对于完整系统, 该硬件核心的复杂度大幅度降低, 同时表明不同MS Windows 版本所需硬件核心有明显差别。此外, 还在FPGA原型上验证了支持MS Windows 98的系统芯片硬件核心。

关键词: MSWindows, 系统芯片, 硬件核心, 功能规范

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