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The Remarkable Nature of the Spherically Uniform Anisotropic Inclusion in an Isotropic Matrix under Remote Traction

XU Baixiang, WANG Minzhong   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Turbulence and Complex Systems, Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering, Peking University, Beijing 100871;
  • Received:2007-10-12 Online:2008-11-20 Published:2008-11-20



  1. 湍流与复杂系统国家重点实验室,北京大学工学院力学与空天技术系,北京100871;

Abstract: A spherically uniform linear anisotropic spherical inclusion perfectly bounded in an infinite isotropic matrix is studied. When the system is subjected to a remote traction, analytical results show that remarkable natures appear in the spherical inclusion. It is demonstrated that when 0<κ<1 an infinite stress appears at the center of the inclusion. Furthermore, a cavitation is formed in the case of tension loading and 0<κ<1/3, and a blackhole comes into being when a compression loading is applied and 0<κ<1.

Key words: spherically anisotropic, spherical inclusion, blackhole, cavitation

摘要: 研究了无穷大各向同性基体中完善粘结的球向各向异性球夹杂,发现当基体在无穷远受均匀荷载时,球夹杂同样具有类似的显著性质。结果表明,当0<κ<1,球夹杂中心将出现无穷大应力。而且,在无穷远拉荷载作用下,当0<κ<1/3,将出现空蚀现象;在无穷远压荷载作用下,当0<κ<1,将出现黑洞现象。

关键词: 球向各向异性, 球形夹杂, 黑洞现象, 空蚀现象

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