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High Resolution Satellite Image of a Very Short Range Torrential Rain

ZHANG Chunxi1 WANG Yingchun2 WANG Ling3 DING Qinglan3 TAO Zuyu1   

  1. 1Department of Atmospheric Science, School of Physics, Peking University, Beijing 100871; 2Institute of Urban Meteorology, Beijing 100089; 3Beijing Weather Office, Beijing 100089;
  • Received:2007-06-15 Online:2008-07-20 Published:2008-07-20



  1. 1北京大学物理学院大气科学系,北京100871;2北京城市气象研究所,北京100089;3北京市气象台,北京100089;

Abstract: A 100-year return period heavy rain event of 220mm precipitation in 80 min happened at mountainous areas in north of Beijing on August14, 2005 was studied with the help of the visible cloud images of 1.25km resolution from FY2-C geostationary satellite. The results show that the initial convective cells with several kilometers of horizontal scale can be identified by using the high resolution satellite images ahead of 1.0-1.5 h of rainfall, and the intense of the convective cell can be estimated by the shadows projecting on the ground. The horizontal scale of the convective clouds develope to couples of ten km just prior to the rainfall, and the shadows on the flat cloud top indicate that the convection is extremely intensified and breaks up through the tropopause.

Key words: torrential rain, satellite image, mesoscale convective systems

摘要: 利用水平分辨率为1.25km的FY2-C地球同步卫星的可见光云图,对2005年8月14日发生在北京北部山区一次百年一遇的短历时特大暴雨进行了云图分析,发现高分辨率的可见光云图可以在一个多小时前就识别出水平尺度只有几公里的初始对流,并可利用它在地面上的阴影判别其垂直发展的强度。暴雨发生前水平尺度发展到数十公里,其云顶上的暗影表明强烈的对流已突破对流层顶。

关键词: 暴雨, 卫星云图, 中尺度对流系统

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