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Anticancer Activity on Prostate Cancer of the Extracts of Prescription of TCM 921

LI Jiangbin1 LI Hongyan2, ZHANG Zhihong3, CHEN Xiaoguang2, YE Zuguang4, GUO Yinglu3   

  1. 1Department of Health Economics & Management, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Beijing 100871;2Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College, Beijing 100050;3Department of Urology of First Hospital, Institute of Urology, Peking University, Beijing 100034; 4China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing 100700;
  • Received:2007-05-22 Online:2008-07-20 Published:2008-07-20



  1. 1北京大学光华管理学院卫生经济与管理系,北京100871;2中国医学科学院中国协和医科大学药物研究所,北京100050;3北京大学第一医院泌尿外科,北京大学泌尿外科研究所,北京100034;4中国中医科学院,北京100700;

Abstract: In order to investigate the inhibition of the extracts of prescription of 921 on prostate cancer cell proliferation in vitro and tumor growth in vivo, the authors used the methods as follows: SRB assay was applied to examine the anti-proliferation of the extracts of prescription of 921 in vitro both on human cancer cell DU-145, PC-3m, EJ and mice prostate cancer TRAMP-C2. The experimental implanted tumor mice model Hepatoma (H22), Sarcoma (S180), Prostate cancer (TRAMP-C2) and tumor nude mice model Prostate cancer (PC-3M) were used to evaluate its anti-tumor activity in vivo. Furthermore, the enhance therapeutic effect was also observed when combined with cyclophosphamide (CTX) on S180. The results were 1) the extracts of prescription of 921 showed proliferation inhibitory activities on DU-145, PC-3M, EJ and TRAMP-C2 cell lines; 2) it inhibited mice H22, S180, TRAMP-C2 and naked mice PC-3M when administered i.g. at 3.6~14.3 g/(kg?day) for 9 days. The extracts of prescription of 921 enhanced CTX's therapeutic effect and didn't enhance its toxicity. In summary, the extracts of prescription of 921 showed inhibitory activity on the growth of prostate cancer.

Key words: extracts of prescription of 921, compound of Traditional Chinese Medicine, anticancer activity, prostate cancer

摘要: 为确定中药复方921粗提物的抗前列腺癌作用,采用SRB法考察921方粗提物对肿瘤细胞株的体外生长抑制作用,采用小鼠可移植瘤模型肝癌H22、肉瘤S180、前列腺癌TRAMP-C2和人前列腺癌细胞PC-3M裸鼠移植模型,考察其对体内肿瘤的生长抑制作用,并了解其与CTX合用时的增效和减毒作用。结果显示: 1) 921方粗提物对DU-145,PC-3M,EJ,TRAMP-C2等细胞株的GI_50约在1∶14.2~1∶73.5(稀释度)之间; 2) 对肝癌H22小鼠移植瘤的抑制率达42%,对肉瘤S180小鼠移植瘤的抑制率达52%,对TRAMP-C2小鼠移植瘤的抑制率达36%,对人前列腺癌细胞PC-3M裸鼠移植瘤的抑制率达44.2%,与CTX合用能起到协同抗肿瘤作用并且不增加毒性。结果表明中药复方921粗提物具有一定的抗前列腺癌作用。

关键词: 921方粗提物, 中药复方, 抗癌作用, 前列腺癌

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