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Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction:The Moderating Effect of Personality

LIU Songqi,GAN Yiqun1   

  • Received:2006-01-02 Online:2007-03-20 Published:2007-03-20



Abstract: In this study the moderating effect of personality on the relation between organizational culture and job satisfaction was examined. About 168 enterprise employees who were from different kinds of organizations in two provinces of China were surveyed. Hierarchical regression was conducted to test the significance of interaction between organizational culture and job satisfaction. Two dimensions of organizational culture (team orientation, stability) and two dimension of personality (extraversion, relationship-orientation) were selected into the questionnaire. Data shows that: extraversion can moderate the effect of team orientation on job satisfaction. Relationship-orientation can moderate the effect of stability on job satisfaction. It was suggested that when designing institution and culture, managers should take employees' individual differences into consideration.

Key words: job satisfaction, organizational culture, extraversion, relationship-orientation, moderating effect

摘要: 以168名企业在职员工为被试,采用分层回归的方法检验了人格对于企业文化和工作满意度之间关系的调节作用。结果发现:外向性能够调节重视团队合作的企业文化对于工作满意度的影响,高外向性的员工如果知觉到企业重视团队合作就会有较高的工作满意度。人情能够调节重视团队稳定性的企业文化对于工作满意度的影响。企业在设计其文化的时候应该充分考虑到员工的个体差异。

关键词: 工作满意度, 企业文化, 外向性, 人情, 调节作用

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