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Fractal Characteristic of Regional Economic Relation Intensity and It's Application in Western China

ZHANG Xuehua1,GUO Huaicheng2, 3,ZHANG Hongwei1   

  • Received:2006-03-20 Online:2007-03-20 Published:2007-03-20


张雪花1,郭怀成2, 3,张宏伟1   

Abstract: Fractal method is introduced into the study of regional economy based on the analysis of human-environment complex system in western China. The spatial fractal characteristics are determined by the results from the economic relation intensity model. The economic relation intensities amongst different cities and counties in the Aikesu area are calculated and spatial distributions are analyzed, compared with the fundamental corresponding characteristics of self-affine fractal, thus providing guidance for the regional planning.

Key words: economic relation intensity, fractural characteristic, economy influence capacity, sustainable development, Western region, Aikesu

摘要: 针对我国西部地区人地复合系统的特征,将分形方法引入区域经济系统的研究中,通过对区域内城市间经济联系强度模型的推导,确定了其在空间的分形特征。并以新疆阿克苏地区为例,计算了区域内城市(也包括县)间的经济联系强度;对比分形的自相似性基本特征,分析了阿克苏地区经济联系强度的空间分布情况,得到了对区域规划有指导作用的启示。

关键词: 经济联系强度, 分形特征, 经济辐射能力, 可持续发展, 西部地区, 阿克苏

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