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Associated Dynamical Equation on Wobble and Nutation of Fluid Core Earth Model

ZHANG Hanwei1, 2, XU Houze3, ZHOU Xuhua3   

  • Received:2005-10-19 Online:2006-09-20 Published:2006-09-20



Abstract: Based on classical dynamical equation on rotation of Earth with elasticity's mantle and fluid core, the associated dynamical equation containing both nutation and wooble of Earth rotation were detuced through introducing motion of nutation frame system with respect to inertial spatial frame. The primary contents consist of: (1) considering influence of high order precession-nutation moment on Earth rotation; (2) introducing influence of other disturbing mechanism (atmosphere, ocean and surface water distributing, et al.) on Earth rotation, which periods satisfy relations of T≤2/3d and T≥2d; (3) establishing theoretical relations between polar motion of rotational axis, polar motion and precession-nutation of either celestial sphere reference axis; (4) presenting the associated dynamical equation containing wobble and nutation of fluid core Earth model, trying investigated wobble and nutation with unitive method. Deduced formulae can provide a reference and gist for research of dynamical geodey and arstrogeodynamics.

Key words: nutation coordinate system, wobble and nutation, associated dynamical equation

摘要: 以经典的液核地球自转动力学理论为基础,通过引入章动坐标系相对惯性空间的运动,建立了液核地球极移和章动的联合动力学方程。主要内容有:(1)顾及了高阶岁差章动力矩对地球自转的影响;(2)引入了摄动周期满足T≤2/3d和T≥2d的其他因素(大气、海洋和地表水分布变化等)对地球自转的影响;(3)建立了自转轴极移和任一天球参考轴极移和章动之间的理论关系;(4)建立了液核地球极移和章动的联合动力学方程,试图用统一的方法研究极移和章动。作者给出的理论公式可为动力大地测量学和天文地球动力学的研究提供理论参考和依据。

关键词: 章动坐标系, 极移和章动, 联合动力学方程

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