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Some Influencing Factor for CO2 Absorption Cycle-Ability of Lithium Zirconate

WANG Yinjie1, QI Lu2, JIANG Weijun2   

  • Received:2005-07-20 Online:2006-03-20 Published:2006-03-20



Abstract: With nanometer-sized monoclinic ZrO2, lithium carbonate, and potassium carbonate as starting materials, according to n(Li2CO3) : n(ZrO2) : n(K2CO3) = 1 : 1 : 0.03, potassium-doped lithium zirconate absorbents were prepared by high-temperature solid-state reaction. Their CO2-absorption cycle-properties were measured with a thermogravimetric analyzer. The crystal structure of the re-prepared absorbents was studied by comparison of their XRD patterns. The microscopic morphologies of re-prepared absorbents were viewed by a sanning electron microscopy. The experimental results showed, after absorption of CO2, the material could be re-prepared, whose performance of absorbing CO2 for the second time is affected by the temperature and air flux during re-preparation. When the temperature is 750℃ and the air flux is 100mL/min, the re-prepared material has good cycle ability to absorb CO2.

Key words: lithium zirconate, absorption, CO2, TG

摘要: 以纳米级单斜相ZrO2为反应物,按照n(Li2CO3) : n(ZrO2) : n(K2CO3) = 1 : 1 : 0.03的比例制备了可在高温460~650℃下直接吸收CO2的锆酸锂材料。使用热重分析仪(TG)进行了循环吸收CO2性能的研究, 采用扫描电镜(SEM)、X-射线衍射仪(XRD)对再次合成的材料分别进行了形貌、结构的分析。实验结果表明,在吸收CO2后材料的再次合成过程中合成温度及空气流量影响材料吸收CO2的循环性能,在再次合成温度为750℃,空气流量为100mL/min的条件下,合成的材料具有良好的循环吸收CO2的性能。

关键词: 锆酸锂, 吸收, CO2, 热重分析仪

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