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Measurement and Discussion of Carbonaceous PM2.5 during Winter in Beijing

HUAN Ning1, 4, ZENG Limin1, SHAO Min1, CUI Liang2, MAO Jietai3, ZHOU Nan1, DONG Huabin1, YU Zhongying1, LUO Zhiming1   

  • Received:2005-05-11 Online:2006-03-20 Published:2006-03-20



Abstract: The carbon content in PM2.5 is measured by Aethalometer (for BC) and Sunset OC/EC analyzer (TOT, for EC), respectively, during the winter of 2004 in Beijing. The experimental result shows that black carbon and elemental carbon have a good agreement with a high correlation coefficient (R2=0.80), so does organic carbon and elemental carbon (R2=0.82). The ratio of OC to EC is higher in the daytime than at night and higher at normal day than at temperature inversion day. In addition, there is no significant difference of OC to EC ratio between day and night at temperature inversion day. The average ratio of OC to EC is 4.76. It is also proved that ratio of OC to EC larger than 2 is not the exact index for secondary pollution.

Key words: organic carbon, elemental carbon, black carbon, Sunset OC/EC analyzer, aethalometer

摘要: 使用两台较先进的仪器,Aethalometer和Sunset碳分析仪(TOT),同时同地检测北京大气PM2.5的碳组分。实验发现:两台仪器的监测结果有较好的线性相关性和一致性(R2=0.80);EC(Elemental Carbon)和OC(Organic Carbon)有较好的线性相关性(R2=0.82);OC/EC的比值白天较夜间高、正常天气较逆温天气较高、逆温天气下白天与夜间差别不大,OC/EC平均值约4.76;并分析了用OC/EC的比值大于2判断是否存在二次污染的片面性。

关键词: 有机碳, 元素碳, 碳黑, Sunset碳分析仪, 黑度仪

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