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Environmental Change and Its Impact on Human Activities in Middle Holocene at Mengjin, Henan Province

DONG Guanghui1, 2, XIA Zhengkai1, LIU Decheng1, WU Qinglong1   

  • Received:2005-02-23 Online:2006-03-20 Published:2006-03-20



Abstract: A holocene paleosol-loess sediment profile and lacustrine sediment profile were found in Mengjin, Henan province. The authors investigated the stratum in this area and analysed samples from the paleosol-loess sediment profile to study middle Holocene environmental change in Mengjin as well as its impact on human activity. Based on particle-size analysis and magnetic susceptibility, CaCO3 measurement of the paleosol-loess sediment profile, together with the comparison between the paleosol-loess sediment profile and the lacustrine sediment profile, it was concluded that during 5660-7020aBP and 3755-4610aBP, an ancient lake and paleosol were formed in this area, climate was wet and warm; The climate fluctuated during 4610-5660aBP, the ancient lake shrank to sporadic bogs, and the paleosol ceased to develop; During 3055-3755aBP, the ancient lake shrank and dried up, and loess began to accumulate, the climate turned to cold and dry. Human began to lived on the paleosol during late Henan Longshan period, because the lake level was high in this period; During Erlitou period, however, as the ancient lake withered away, human activities expanded gradually to lower land; when the ancient lake dried up, human became to live on lacustrine sediment.

Key words: Mengjin, Middle Holocene, environmental change, human activity

摘要: 在河南孟津地区发现全新世古土壤-黄土沉积剖面和湖沼相沉积剖面。作者对这2个剖面之间进行了野外调查,绘制了其间的地层图,并在古土壤-黄土沉积剖面采样,对样品做了粒度、磁化率以及CaCO3含量分析。通过古土壤-黄土沉积剖面与湖沼相沉积剖面的对比,研究了中全新世孟津地区环境变化及其对人类活动的影响。结果表明孟津地区在7020~5660aBP和4610~3755aBP是古湖泊形成和古土壤发育的时期,气候温暖湿润;在5660~4610aBP孟津地区经历了一次气候波动,湖泊缩小为零星湖沼, 古土壤发育中断;3755~3055aBP湖泊萎缩干涸,黄土开始沉积,气候转向冷干。河南龙山文化时代晚期,湖面水位较高,人类在古土壤上活动;二里头文化时期湖泊萎缩,人类活动向低处转移,湖泊完全干涸时人类开始在干涸的湖相沉积层上活动。

关键词: 孟津, 中全新世, 环境变化, 人类活动

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