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Primary Study on Gene Expression during Root Differentiation from Rice Calli

GUO Lei1, CHENG Yinghao1, WANG Ziyi1, HE Bin1, ZHANG Junjun1, LIU Shiqing1, LIU Meihua1, CHEN Zhangliang1, 2, QU Lijia1, 2, GU Hongya1, 2, 3   

  • Received:2005-06-17 Online:2006-03-20 Published:2006-03-20



Abstract: Rice calli keep proliferating constantly without differentiation on N6 medium, but can be induced to differentiate to form roots when they are treated with ABA. Basing on this physiological feature, RNAs were extracted from the calli cultured on mediums with or without ABA respectively, and hybridized with the rice cDNA microarray. By analyzing the cDNA microarray data, The authors totally obtained 271 genes associated with root differentiation from calli, including 107 up-regulated genes and 164 down-regulated genes. This preliminary result provides new clues for further study on the molecular mechanism of root differentiation of rice calli.

Key words: rice cDNA microarray, root differentiation, ABA, 4-D, calli

摘要: 水稻愈伤组织在N6培养基上可以保持稳定的增殖而不分化,而培养在含有ABA的N6培养基上的愈伤组织就可以被诱导分化,进而形成根。根据这种生理学特征,分别提取了生长在两种不同培养基上的愈伤组织的RNA,与水稻cDNA芯片杂交。通过分析两种愈伤组织基因表达的差异,共找到271个与水稻愈伤组织根分化过程相关的cDNA克隆,其中107个基因表达被诱导,164个基因表达被抑制。这些初步结果为进一步研究愈伤组织分化生根的分子机理提供了研究线索。

关键词: 水稻cDNA芯片, 水稻根分化, ABA, 4-D, 愈伤组织

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